Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Gold Advertisers for April

Jess from Just Jesss

Jess's gorgeous UK Beauty and Lifestyle blog is all about beauty, with a bit of fashion, food and lifestyle thrown in featuring reviews, recipes, crafts and idle chatter....

She runs a couple of regular features, including a Budget Beauty Series.

Here's a little about Jess in her own words!:

"I'm a Northern girl, born and raised on the Cumbria/Lancashire border, and I moved to Sheffield in September 2009 to start University. I'm now a Psychology graduate and have just started an MSc in Applied Cognitive Neuroscience, or brains to the uninitiated; I'm living in a little house in Preston, Lancashire with my boyfriend, commuting to Sheffield two days a week to study, and also working part-time for a kitchens & bathrooms company - because that's where it's at!
My favourite things include: Tea, McFly, my bed, my beautiful Rottweiler Tyler, my lovely boyfriend Rob, friend dates, Malibu & Coke, Johnny Depp, baking, reading, exercise, being outside, pretty dresses, pretty shoes, making lists, homewares, hot chocolate, long showers, new make-up, muddy puddles, nail polish, cupcakes, pigs, cacti, and long, obscure words (hence my love of Neuroscience).
I have a few weird phobias, mostly food related: Custard, jelly, the corners of bread, feet, skins on milk etc., mousse, and cotton wool."

I'm friendly, honest, so please say hi! :D

Laura's brand new and super cute blog is all about her life as a Mummy to two little Princesses, with a new baby on the way! She blogs about beauty reviews, childrens fashions and much more!

Here's a little about Laura in her own words:

"My name is Laura, I'm 29 years old and I am mummy to 5 year old Amelie, 3 year old Lottie and I have another baby on the way due in September (pink or blue?! We find out on April 11th! How exciting!)

I am a childminder, so my life is filled with kids kids kids!!! I also bake cakes in my spare time (what little of it there is!)

I am new to Mummy & Beauty Blogging world and hope you'll all enjoy the journey with me!"

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