Sunday, 21 April 2013

Weekly Round Up

Each Sunday from now on, I will be featuring a weekly Round Up post to sum up our week in short!

This Week We Have Been:


Mexican food! Jon & I headed out for our first meal without Tyne this week, and we decided we would try Las Iguanas Mexican restaurant at Liverpool One.

We're both big fans of Mexican food and had been craving it for ages, so it went down a real treat!

We shared a plate of Nachos for starter, and then for main course Jon had Chimichanga and I had the Spicy Chicken Big Burrito - deeeelicious!!


The Big Bang Theory!

We haven't had a lot of time to watch any TV so unfortunately my usual shows such as The New Normal and Up All Night have gone straight out of the window and I am now waaaay behind with them!

The only time we do get to sit and watch some TV is at dinner time, and luckily for us that usually coincides with an E4 showing of The Big Bang Theory! 

For a long time I couldn't understand the appeal of this show, but once I properly sat down and watched one episode from start to finish I was hooked and its now a new favourite! I LOVE Sheldon, and there's never an episode that doesn't crack me up!

Listening to:

I'm not usually a fan of hip hop/rap music, but I first heard the latest track from Jay Z and Kanye West "N****s In Paris" on the radio a few weeks back and in all honestly - it made me howl with laughter!

I know its rather uncool of me, but rap music today really does just crack me up as the lyrics are SO lame! My favourite from this particular song being the lines "What she order? Fish Fillet?" and "Prince Williams ain't do it right if you ask me, coz if I was him I woulda married Kate & Ashley". 

Lyrical Genius. *ahem...sarcasm*

However, after downloading the track to play for Jon and show him what was making me laugh so much - the bass line grew on me, and what do you know?! It got in my head and now I cannot stop playing it!

I STILL think the lyrics are hilarious, and I love it for all the wrong reasons - but hey, its still the most played song on my Ipod this week!

Highlight of the week:

Jon & I had a nice day out shopping in Liverpool City Centre on Wednesday while my Mum kindly looked after Tyne for a few hours.

We got the train in to avoid the parking stress, and had a nice leisurely stroll around Bold Street and Liverpool One - before having dinner at Las Igunas. Lovely!!

Picture of the week:

I love this picture of Tyne laying on my bed!

He LOVES laying on Mummys bed and cuddling in - I try not to let him do it too often as I don't want him to end up spoiled and refusing to go in his Moses Basket, but he is just such a little Cuddle Monster and always wants to snuggle!

Its a shame that I look like such a massive monster in the below pic, or else I would really like it!

So that was our week! How was yours?

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