Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Baby Watch: Week 7

Dear Tyne,

Today you are 7 weeks old.

In the last 2 weeks you have grown and changed quite a bit!

We had our last visit from the Health Visitor last week, and now we won't be seeing her again until after you turn 1.

Before she left, she weighed you - I couldn't believe that you are now up to 9lbs 4oz!!!!

You still look absolutely teeny weeny, and everywhere we go people who coo over you (and there are lots of them!) are always surprised when we tell them how old you are - they always think you are a newborn and they always ask if you were very tiny when you were born!

This week you started to outgrow some of your Tiny Baby sleepsuits for the first time, I nearly cried!!!!

But you do still fit into lots and lots of your Tiny Baby clothes, and when I got your bag of Newborn and 0-3 months clothes out to try against you pretty much everything was miles too big!!

There are about 30 outfits in that bag, and only 3 of them fit you at the moment!

Eating & Sleeping

You seem to have taken a bit of a jump backwards over the last few weeks, as most of the time you now only take 3 oz of your bottle at each feed and in 2 hours time you are hungry again.

Sometimes you take 4 or even 5 oz, but not very often - and you still seem to be hungry after 2 or 3 hours regardless, so I think that when your current tub of formula runs out I'll replace it with Hungry Baby milk to see if that helps to keep you fuller for a bit longer.

We changed your teats this week to Variflow but it doesn't seem to have made any difference to how much you drink.

As for sleeping - well that has not been very much fun this week!

On Friday night you were very unsettled, and you only slept for 30 minutes between midnight and 8.30 am!!!!! 

Saturday night wasn't great either - you slept for about 3 hours but all in 45 minute segments throughout the night.

Last night was a little bit better, so fingers crossed you're just going through a growth spurt which is making you a bit unsettled and soon you'll start to sleep better.

Your Life At 7 Weeks

At the moment you just LOVE being cuddled. You're happiest when somebody has got you snuggled in and you can fall fast asleep on them.

This week you've also started to smile properly! You give big gummy smiles and "silent" laughs when people talk to you or tickle your chin or cheek, its very very cute!! You seem to do it the most for Gagand, you think he's very funny!

You have started to enjoy your bath time more this week, we've learnt that you like your water to be nice and warm - you don't scream the house down if the bath temperature is 1 degree warmer than its supposed to be.

You've started to spend a bit more time under your gym looking at your toys, and we bought you some black & white books to have a look at - you don't interact very much with them yet but you do have a good look at them.

You like going out in the car and you ALWAYS fall fast asleep for the whole journey!

Last week you also went for your very first photoshoot - you didn't like the experience much as all you wanted was your bottle, but you did pose very well and we got some beautiful photos of you! I'm excited to get them back and see what they turned out like!

You also had your first go at art this week!!
We did your little foot prints on a canvas - you weren't sure about the feeling of the paint on your feet but we managed to get some nice prints!
Your hands were a different story - you wouldn't let us straighten out your palm at all, instead you smooshed the paint up in your hand and put big prints all over Daddys jeans!! So we gave up and just stuck with your foot prints!
That's all of our news for this week.

Lots Of Love,

Mummy xxx

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