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Beauty Wednesdays: Betrousse Box

I've always been a big fan of beauty boxes, but have sometimes felt that my monthly subscription fee has been a little wasted when a box I receive contains tiny little vials of perfume or a sachet of shampoo so miniscule that its of absolutely no use to somebody like myself with long hair.

So although I do still subscribe to some monthly boxes, I feel that there is a place in the market for something a little different - and that's where Betrousse fit in nicely! 
are France's leading beauty box company, and they are now bringing their exceptional service to us here in the UK - the difference with a Betrousse box is that, instead of paying a rolling subscription price for a box full of surprise samples every month (usually containing one full sized product and four sample sizes, the Betrousse box contains FULL sized products.

And rather than subscribe monthly, instead you pay per box - you select which box you want to receive and can order them as frequently as you choose to. The contents of each box are displayed on the website so you don't have the risk of receiving products that are of no use to you.

The price depends on the box you order - each box contains a different amount of products and has a different theme, so the price alters accordingly.

I was sent the Glitz & Glamour box to try - this box contains 5 full size products, and costs just £10.

Here's what I received:

Upon opening the box I was impressed at the contents inside!
There seemed to be a good mix of products - cosmetics, lotions and creams, hair product etc...

And given the generous sizes you certainly couldn't grumble about value for money!

But what where the products like upon closer inspection?

Make Believe Beauty Shimmer Lip Gloss - £10.00

This lovely lip gloss is the first product from the Make Believe brand that I've tried and I am quite impressed.
The lip gloss is a very pale pink with a lovely shimmer to it.

I do love lip glosses but I find it hard to find ones that aren't overly perfumed or overly coloured - this one is just right for me and I'll certainly get a lot of use out of it!

JĀSÖN Normalising Shampoo - £7.29

Hair is a big deal to me so I LOVE trying out different shampoos!
I have to be totally honest here - my first impressions of this product were NOT good.
I didn't like the packaging - I found it really dull and cheap looking. I didn't like the scent of the shampoo - to me it smelled like some kind of household cleaning product!
And I was very disappointed that the shampoo didn't lather - I know some people prefer this but I much prefer a shampoo that works up a good soapy lather.

However, once I dried my hair I have to say - I changed my mind! My hair looked really healthy, felt lovely & clean, and had real bounce to it - I was impressed and I will certainly use it again!

Benta Berry G-1 Formulating Facial Cleanser For Boys & Girls - £14.00

I'll be honest here - the packaging of this product didn't thrill me and I was quite put off by the size of it. I thought it was overpriced for the size of the bottle....and once I squeezed a bit out onto my hand I wasn't keen on the texture of the product either. I had expected something more gel like.

However, once again, my first impressions proved wrong and I actually really liked this product.
I would say its more of an exfoliater than a cleanser but my skin did feel nice and fresh after use, and I would definitely use it again!

Fair Naturally Mango & Safflower Body Moisturiser - £3.99

Now this for me was the most disappointing product to see in the box by a long shot - nothing against the product, but I am just not a big fan of body moisturisers. I have to be honest here - I hardly ever use them!
I just can't be bothered!!

The consistency of this was perfectly nice, and it smells lovely - but to me, its just another boring body moisturiser. Sorry!

Tulecos Tonifying Oil - £33.00

Now this is the product that I was most intrigued by, as it has such a high price tag and considering that it is for use on the feet I was very curious to see why anybody would pay so much for it!

It had a very strong peppermint scent, which I wasn't too keen on at first but it did feel lovely on my feet - they felt very refreshed and tingled for a while after use!

Which items would I repurchase in future?

I would definitely repurchase the Benta Berry Cleanser and the shampoo!

Which items would I avoid?

The Fair Naturally body moisturiser - but only because I don't personally like body moisturisers!

Is this months box worth the price?

YES - as you can see the contents of this box were worth £68.28 - I think this is excellent value for money considering the box itself only costs £10.00 and you're getting to try all of these products!
Even if you don't like a couple of them, you'll still have saved money - ideal!

I think the Betrousse box is a fabulous idea and I look forward to seeing which items are featured each month!

Do you subscribe to this or any other beauty boxes? What are your thoughts on the Betrousse box concept? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Wow this box looks amazing, five full sized products for that price! I wonder if Betrousse Box deliver to Ireland, probably not though. Reading this it was like I was reading something I wrote, I also can't be bothered with body moisturisers and being a mother it's hard to find the time to put something on from top to toe! I also prefer shampoos that lather but I'm glad your first impressions of some products were wrong and that you actually enjoyed them in the end.

    Fiona @


  2. OOh fab box xx

  3. I have never tried a Beauty Box before, but this one sounds great esp getting all the full sized products is even better and would save you a fortune!!xx

  4. It's great value for money but I wouldn't be interested in any of the products in this one. I get Birchbox xx

  5. I've never tried any type of 'box' before. But I like the idea that you pay per box and get full size products.

    Bump to Baby

  6. Got this beauty box and love it will have to have get my review up soon


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