Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Beauty Wednesdays: Dirty Works Face Mask

With a new baby who is hell-bent on never sleeping of a night time, its no surprise that tiredness has been taking its toll on my skin lately!

So I was thrilled to be given the chance to try out Dirty Works Power Berry Detox Mask.

The mask is designed to draw out impurities in the skin, revive and refresh - promising to leave you with glowing skin! 

No small task with the current dullness of my skin!!

I tried the mask out after a particularly harsh no-sleep weekend, and was intrigued to see the results...

The first thing I noticed was the lovely packaging. My regular readers will know that I'm a sucker for anything retro and kitsch, so the baby blue polka dot tube was right up my street! It looks really cute sitting on my bathroom shelf!
The delightful smell of berries makes the mask feel like a real treat right from the start. The consistency is really nice - not too runny as i've found with some masks in the past, and gives a great coverage.

As advised on the tube, I kept the mask on for 10 minutes while I pottered around doing some bits and pieces - I then gently cleaned it off using a damp cloth and patted my skin dry.

My skin tends to feel quite dry after using face masks, but I didn't experience that sensation with this mask - my skin felt very clean and refreshed, and I do think it had much more of a glow about it afterwards!
I certainly think it helped put some life back into my skin, and I would definitely use it again.

Dirty Works products are available from Sainsburys, the Dirty Works Berry Power Detox Mask costs £4.99 for 100ml.
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