Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Beauty Wednesdays: Etat Pur Review

My long term readers will know that I absolutely love trying out new skincare products, so I was thrilled to be asked to try some products by Etat Pur.

I was asked to take their Personalised Skin Solution test online, which involved me answering a series of questions about myself, my skin problems and so on.

I was then given a list of products to try which promised to help me with my problems - here are the problems I complained of and the products which were recommended to me to help treat them:

*Dark Under Eye Circles - Apigenin (£13.40, 15ml)

What They Say:

"Apigenin pure Active is especially recommended for dark circles under the eyes. 
The eye contour area is the most fragile part of the face. The skin in this area is 5 times thinner. Dark circles appear in cases of fatigue and become more marked as time passes. They are principally related to a skin pigmentation disorder and fragile capillaries.

Apigenin is a flavonoid known for its targeted effect on microcirculation and its ability to protect the skin matrix. Apigenin activates the elimination of the pigment responsible for the bluish colouring of the eye contour and reduces signs of fatigue."

What I Thought:

I have been using the Apigenin morning and night for two weeks now, using one drop per eye as per the directions.
 I have to say, I didn't hold out much hope for this as I have struggled with dark circles all of my life and have NEVER found a product that is even the slightest bit helpful other than industrial strength concealer!!

However, I have been quite surprised to find that actually the darkness seems to have lifted a little! Ok, the circles are still very much there - but they do appear to be lighter and less obvious to me after using this.
I will certainly keep using the product (After 2 weeks of twice daily use I still have around 2/3 of the bottle left!) and will report back at a later date on the end results!

*Dull, Lifeless Skin with lack of shine - Citric Acid (£11.60, 15ml)

What They Say:

"Citric Acid pure Active - AHA is indicated for dull skin with a loss of radiance.

It is also recommended for tightening and evening out the complexion.

Citric Acid - AHA - is an acid found in fruit with astringent, exfoliant and regenerating properties.
It tightens dilated pores and also encourages the elimination of dead cells. It stimulates the formation of new cells to renew the skin. The skin regains its transparency and radiance."

What I Thought:

I found this product to do exactly what it promised! You use four drops on your face approximately 3 times per week - I've used it every other evening for the last two weeks and I do feel that its made a difference to my skin.

Immediately after using my skin feels quite tight, but I definitely notice more of a shine and an all-round healthier glow!

*Uneven skin tone - Radiant Complexion Care (£12.60)

What They Say:

"Slightly apricot-tinted, this instant healthy glow day care makes the skin radiant and bright, with no "foundation" effect.
Evens out and brightens the complexion, revitalizes the skin and lessens signs of fatigue, guarantees optimum moisturisation and protects against the harmful effects of the free radicals responsible for ageing.

The complexion is evened out, its appearance bright and its radiance rekindled.

This emulsion leaves a discreet and very natural finish on the skin."

What I Thought:

I have to be honest, this was the product I liked least out of the three. But that may well be because I'm just not really a fan of tinted products - I like a heavy coverage foundation so for me, its pointless to have a tinted moisturiser coz I'm NEVER going to leave the house wearing only that anyway....

But the moisturisation effect from the product was nice, and if you like the tinted thing - then you'll probably be very happy with this!

All in all, I was thrilled with the Apigenin and Citric Acid and would definitely repurchase them - and I thought the Radiant Complexion Care was ok.

To take the Personalised Solution test yourself and see which products are recommended for you, go to:

Have you ever tried Etat Pur? As always, I'd love to hear what you think!

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