Saturday, 4 May 2013

Dressing The Baby: Supermarket Style!

 For this weeks Dressing The Baby I thought I would feature two of my current favourite outfits for Tyne...which both happen to be from George @ Asda!

When I shop for myself, my taste in labels is very varied - I love designer gear and don't mind paying a high price for quality clothes. But equally, I can really appreciate a bargain and I find that some of the clothes at supermarkets like Asda and Tesco are actually really nice - trendy and good quality at a really reasonable price! I always have a browse of the clothes sections whenever I go in.

And my taste is very much the same when it comes to dressing Tyne - I do love designer gear, and will happily splash out on Baby Baker and Tutto Piccolo outfits (I'm currently eyeing up a personalised Ralph Lauren outfit!) - but equally, I think supermarkets sell some really lovely baby clothes.

I particularly like Asda's range of baby clothes and so this week, I am featuring two of my favourite outfits of Tyne's which were both from Asda.

The first is this lovely cotton dungaree and vest set which cost £8.00 - it consists of a white short sleeved vest with blue piping around the sleeves, and brushed cotton dungarees in baby blue with white stripes.

The suit is from the "Max & Millie" range and features the cartoon character bear along with some other drawings, and a cute little pocket on the right hip.

As always, I appreciate the little details when it comes to baby outfits and on this one in particular I love the little popper buttons which are printed with a bear face and the "Max & Millie" name.

I paired this outfit with Tyne's baby blue knitted booties, which were a perfect match!

The second outfit I have chosen this week is this super cute "Born In 2013" romper suit which is a bargain for just £4!! 

I paired it with Tyne's tiny little teddy bear booties (Marks & Spencer, 50p in the sale!) as I'm worried that he'll be growing out of these soon and I adore them!

The outfit is very lightweight so perfect for the warmer weather we've been having, and I think it will make a lovely keepsake for his memory box!

What do you think of Tyne's outfits this week?! Don't forget to join us next week for another Dressing The Baby post!

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