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Fathers Day Gift Guide: Part 1

As a new mum, Fathers Day is a holiday that I'm having to think that bit harder about this year...

Usually I just need to buy a gift for my own Dad, but now I need to choose a gift on behalf of Tyne for his Daddy too!

So I've been thinking long and hard about what to get for them both, and so far have come up with the following ideas....

For My Dad

Demijohn Scottish Bramble Whisky

This fine Bramble Scotch Whisky Liqueur is the perfect gift for a Dad who likes his tipple! 
Made in East Lothian from Scottish brambles, it has a fantastically rich taste which my own Dad greatly approved of when he was sent a sample to try! He swears he will never accept a bottle of Super Market Own Label whisky as a Fathers Day gift again! ;)

Demijohn's Fathers Day set is really something special as a personal message can be added to the bottle for no extra charge! 

Available from and priced at £51.55 for a 500ml Wooden Box Set

Moonpig Beer Fest Gift Set

The set contains 3 bottles of quality ale with personalised labels - you can choose the text to feature on the bottles, which made ordering very fun as I tried to decide what to have printed on them!

Along with the beer, you also get a Pint glass with "Fathers Day - no1 Dad 2013" printed on, along with a coaster, a packet of Awfully Posh Pork Scratchings, A packet of chilli harissa nuts and a pack of chocolate covered nuts!

To read my full review of the MoonPig Beer Fest Gift Set and Moonpigs other personalised products, click here:

This set is available from and costs £25.00

Staples Luxury Leather Notebook

This gorgeous leather spiral bound notebook is an ideal gift for a Dad who likes to be organised and really do it with style!
My Dad runs his own business so he'd find a notebook like this really handy for keeping track of his outgoings, etc. 
The notebook is priced at £15 and is from a new range available from any Staples store or from

E-Cloth Car Cleaning Kit

Like most older men, my Dad is very car proud and is forever tinkering around with his car! 
The e-auto range of car cleaning accessories significantly reduces car cleaning time and costs, and as the products are anti-static it means that no dust is attracted to the interior or exterior of the car when washed.
Their selection of products include:

e-auto Dual Action Mitt - £6.99
Effortlessly removes grease and dirt on large areas of bodywork, in particular those hard to reach areas such as around wiper arms. Used dry, the fibre fronds attract and lock in dust whilst the soft side is ideal for gently rubbing stubborn marks.

e-auto Dual Action Sponge - £6.99
Gently but efficiently cleans away grit and dirt from all painted surfaces and glass using just water. The anthracite grey side features special stiffer fibres, which easily remove stuck on dirt and bugs without scratching.

e-auto Car Cleaning Cloth - £4.99
Perfect for all round cleaning, when used dry it makes an excellent duster to trap dirt.

E-Auto products are available from TK Maxx stores and , and prices start from £4.99

For Tyne's Daddy

 Green & Blacks Chocolate

Like me, Tyne's Daddy is real chocaholic! So my first thought when thinking of Fathers Day gift ideas was some really nice chocolate!
But of course, with it being Fathers Day you don't just want to give them a bog standard bar of any old chocolate! You want something special.
So I immediately thought of Green & Blacks Organic - their gifting range provide the perfect solution to the age old problem of which variety of chocolate to buy!!
The gorgeously presented boxes contain twelve mini bars in a mix of dark & milk chocolate flavours, including treats such as Spiced Chilli and Sea Salt!

The Gifting Collections are available from and prices start at £5.49

Bjorn Borg Socks

Every man always needs more socks! Its just a fact of life!
No matter how many pairs you bought them for Christmas, you can guarantee they'll have holes in the toes by now!
So socks are always a good bet when it comes to buying gifts for Jon - and these rather eye catching ones from Bjorn Borg really caught my eye!
The quality is fantastic (I think these will certainly last him a while!) and the variety of styles and colours is vast, so there's something for everyone!

Bjorn Borg socks are available from and are priced at £10.00

SkyCigs e-Cigarettes

SKYCIG e-cigarette's allow smokers to enjoy the physical act of smoking, without the obvious health implications associated with smoking tobacco – they contain just a small dose of nicotine, which is delivered in the form of water vapour, yet they do not contain the 4,000 harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes.

Tyne's Daddy has been trialling the SKYCIGs for the last couple of weeks and we will be discussing his thoughts next week!

With a selection of seven unique and great tasting flavours– Classic Tobacco, Tobacco Gold, Menthol, Vanilla, Cherry, Cinnamon, Crown Tobacco – and available in three varying strengths – Bold, Regular and Light – SKYCIG will guarantee satisfaction, without compromising on taste or enjoyment of the dreaded habit.

What’s more,  SKYCIG e-cigarettes costs up to 75 per cent less than traditional cigarettes, leaving you with more money to enjoy the finer things in life!

Part two of my Fathers Day Gift Guide will be coming next week!

MoonPig's Fathers Day Photo Competition!

Submit your best ‘Hero’ pose in our photo competition & be in with a chance to win the ‘Awesome Foursome’ driving experience (in association with Red Letter Days)
We live with them, work with them, play with them… but these everyday heroes we call ‘Dad’ can sometimes go unnoticed. 
So NOW it’s time to get them to step out of the shadows and see Dads for the HEROES that they are!
We want to see photos of your Dads doing what they do best! Whether its braving the evils of the blocked toilet, saving the day by picking you up in the car or putting out fires in the barbeque, we know they are there when we need them. So be creative! Take a great photo and be inspired by our Every Day Heroes. You can even get them to wear a costume if you like!
Then we leave it to the public to vote for their favourite entry and from those we'll pick three winners!
So show off their hero abilities and submit their photo with a funny caption for your Dad to be in with a chance to win an AMAZING driving experience with Red Letter Days!
1st Prize - The Awesome Foursome driving experience (in association with Red Letter Days) 
2nd Prize - The Father's Day Gift Bundle (selection of manly nutrition in the form of beer & snacks) 
3rd Prize - £20 Moonpig credit to be spent on cards, chocolates, t-shirts or mugs.
Enter now on Twitter using #everydadsahero @moonpigUK - closing date midnight on 13th June.

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