Monday, 13 May 2013

Summer Holidays!

With the sun shining today (for a change!) it's difficult not to stare out of the window and dream of jetting off on holiday....

My last holiday was my amazing luxury canary isles cruise which I've already talked about here - this was back in February last year, so it feels like a life time ago!!

I LOVE travelling and am the kind of person who is always browsing holiday deals online, dreaming about where I'd head off to if I had the chance...

Of course, now that Tyne is in the picture it makes holidays that bit more difficult - everything requires more thought and more planning when there's a baby involved!

I've been thinking a lot lately of what kind of holidays we'll be taking in the future, as somebody who HATES flying I have no desire to step on a plane again at any point in the near for us its going to be UK holidays, Europe City breaks via Eurostar or Ferries, and ...of beloved CRUISES!!! <3

I've come up with the following Holiday Plan for the next few years!

2013 Holiday Idea

Tyne is a very very young baby right now, and he requires a lot of care and attention - at the moment I wouldn't feel too comfortable taking him out of the country, as his immune system is still going to be quite low, I'd like to keep him in areas with easy access to NHS hospitals just incase he might need them and I don't fancy the worry of having him in very hot places where I'll constantly be stressing about insects and protecting his delicate new baby skin....

So the answer to my holiday worries for this year is simple - stick with the UK!

All of our childhood holidays took place in the UK as my parents didn't like flying, and I never felt like I missed out on anything as we went to different places all the time and always had a fab time.

There are so many great places to visit right on our doorstep, and so many different kinds of holidays to consider right here at home - luxury spa hotel breaks, camping & glamping trips, seaside b & b breaks, canal boat holidays...the choices go on and on!

But my personal choice would be for a good old-fashioned caravan or lodge holiday! I haven't stayed in a caravan since childhood but I always used to love it! 

I think this year we'll be trying to fit in a late summer long weekend in a seaside caravan or holiday lodge, perhaps in Cornwall or the Lake District.

2014 Holiday Idea

Once Tyne is over the age of 1, I will feel more comfortable about travelling a little further afield with him as his routine will be more settled and he'll be that little bit tougher!

I think in 2014 it'd be quite nice to venture abroad on a little European break - I've found some great ideas on Ice Lolly's website. I think my top choice would be to go via Eurostar to Disneyland Paris! 

I know he'll be slightly too young to really appreciate it but I've wanted to go there for ages anyway, so I'm sure it'll be loads of fun regardless!

2015 Holiday Idea

Tyne will turn 2 in March 2014, and so I think that in around October we will finally feel confident in taking him on his very first CRUISE!!!

I wouldn't like to take him any younger than this as cruises can be a real breeding for the norovirus and I wouldn't feel comfortable taking a very young baby onboard for this reason. But once he's reached toddler age I think he'll be just fine - plus at this age he'll be eating proper meals with us so will be able to join us at dinner times - plus he'll understand the concept of a holiday and being a boat, and will be able to enjoy all the onboard entertainment aimed at kiddies - the ocean kids clubs start from aged 2 so it will also mean that he can take part in those and make some little holiday friends too!

So those are my ideas for holidaying with a little one, when did you first take a holiday as a Mum and where did you go?

If this post has got you thinking about holidays, why not check out for a great selection of fab holiday deals and ideas!
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