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Thursdays Thing That Annoys Me.....The General Public

As a new addition to my blog, I'm going to be introducing a new post each and every Thursday entitled....Thursdays Thing That Annoys Me!

Yep, that's right - every single week you can look forward to reading my hate-filled outpouring of rage on whatever topic has wound me up lately! Lucky old you! :)

And for the first week, I have chosen to talk about my hatred of the general public.

Since I had my little boy, I have found myself becoming filled with rage on the vast majority of our outings because of the sheer stupidity and selfishness of what seems like a large proportion of the general public.

I would like to break these people up into four specific categories....

1. Parking Plonkers

This is definitely my number 1 bug bear since becoming a parent. I have to admit, before having a child myself I did occasionally get a little bit miffed at the creation of parking spaces dedicated to parents - particularly on very wet days when I really didn't feel like trudging miles from my parking space to the shop entrance when there were lots of empty spaces much closer which were reserved for people with children.

But no matter HOW horrible the weather was, I was NEVER tempted to claim one of those spaces for myself when I wasn't entitled to it.

However, it seems I'm somewhat alone in my morals on that one - because in the last few weeks, I have discovered just how many people think it is perfectly acceptable to plonk themselves into these parking spaces when they clearly do not have any children with them.

Since becoming a parent, I have realised how important it is to have access to these spaces - with a newborn child in the car we have to get a big pram in and out before we can head off anywhere, as these parking spaces are designed to give extra room and not back onto other cars the job is made FAR easier when we can use the spaces.
And of course, for people with older children who are walking by themselves - the closer proximity to the entrance of a shop means that the parking space is safer for the children.

Yet so many selfish, lazy, ignorant, self-important arse holes think that its just fine for them to take up that space because they can't be bothered walking a few steps further to their destination!!!

What surprises me most (I'm not sure why, but it does) is that the majority of people I've seen doing this are older women - I see them coming back to their cars, shopping bags in hand, not a little bit bothered by the death-stare's I'm giving them as they get into their cars and drive away without a child in sight....nevermind the fact that your selfishness may have meant that somebody has had to struggle that bit harder to get a pram out of a car or that a small child has had to walk further and may have been in that little bit more danger from surrounding traffic - no no, as long as YOU get a nicer parking space, who cares?!

HOW F****G LAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Pavement Thieves

Along the same lines as the parking space plonkers are the pavement thieves - the people who see absolutely nothing wrong with parking their big stupid cars up on the curb, taking up half of the pathway which is meant for PEDESTRIANS!
But if I was to struggle on past and scratch your big stupid car with my pram - oh you'd have something to say about that, wouldn't you?!
So instead I have to walk my pram out onto the road and around your car, putting myself and my infant child in danger and inconveniencing myself. 

How very thoughtful of you.

3. Selfish Smokers

I know that people have the right to smoke outdoors in the majority of places - but it bugs the hell out of me when I am standing with my child, and someone stands next to me and lights up a fag. 

What is worse still is when their are designated smoking areas provided somewhere, and CLEAR signs asking people not to smoke anywhere other than these areas - yet people can't be bothered huffing their way to their designated space and instead decide to stand wherever they choose to, bugger everybody else who then has to breathe in their filth.

The worst example of this was at the hospital where I had my son - this was a womens only hospital which deals largely in maternity - there were designated smoking spaces a few paces from the entrance, and clear signs asking people not to smoke directly outside.

But everytime I went there,  there would be crowds of people puffing away on their cancer sticks - forcing me and countless other pregnant women and even newborn babies leaving the hospital for the first time to have to breathe in their second-hand smoke.

It is YOUR decision to fill your lungs with poisonous fumes, do NOT be selfish enough to inflict that decision on everybody else - particularly pregnant women and young children! 

4. Foul-Mouthed Fools

Don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming to be some sort of angel who never utters a swear word - I can have a mouth like a sailor when the mood takes me.

But there is a time and a place for it, and what really bugs me is when people are too ignorant to notice that there are children around who shouldn't be exposed to their bad language.

It particularly annoys me when you're in an enclosed space with no option to get away from it - such as on a train or a bus.

Recently I was putting the baby in his car seat at a retail park when a pair of young lads walked past us, effing and blinding at the tops of their voices - I wouldn't mind so much but they were RIGHT outside Mothercare!!! LOOK AROUND YOU, YOU CRETIN!!!! REALISE WHERE YOU ARE AND ACT ACCORDINGLY!!!!

Surely people must realise that swearing loudly around children is out of order?! SO SHUT THE F**K UP!!!!!

So there you have it folks, my annoyance for this do you feel about this?!  What things about the general public annoy you?! As always, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I can't stand pavement thieves either!! It's so inconsiderate! Not only is it us parents who have to take our children out on the road to get around them but people in wheelchairs can't get past them either! Maybe we should scratch their cars next time, teach them a lesson!! Wow! you started me off on a bit of a rant too!! Haha x

    1. Lol!! It is SO infuriating!! I wish I had the nerve to just scratch right along the side of their cars! :/ xxx

  2. Oh my god! I totally agree with you. These things wound me up when I had Stacey and I'm guessing that once I get out and about properly again they'll wind me up once again. I want to cry now! Haha.

    Lou xxx

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  3. I love this post and will look forward to reading these every Thursday!
    Things that annoy me:

    1. Mother's who walk around pushing their prams/buggies puffing away on a fag I think its vile, and I feel sorry for the babies/children having to breathe in their foul second hand smoke.

    2. School Children in buses who are shouting and swearing at the top of their voices whilst there are other younger kids on the bus such as my little Abigail, numerous amount of times I have told these vile little kids to wash their mouths out and be quiet! I can't stand it, I don't want Abigail picking up disgusting words that I don't use!!

    1. Ugh, I know - its disgusting!!! Smoking mums are going to be another feature in one of my Thursday posts ;)


  4. Oh and one more People that DON'T give up seats for Pregnant women on the buses, I'm not afraid to speak out and ask but it bugs me when they just sit there and watch you fall all over the place!xx

  5. Haha I love this, and will look forward to it every Thursday. After all it is good to vent!

    I agree with all of your four points, the one that bugs me the most though is the smoking - eurgh! I absolutely hate it when someone is smoking and I have to walk past with Ethan.

    Bump to Baby

    1. Hehe thanks Alex! A lot of things seem to make me angry so I've got lots of ideas for posts lol.

      The smoking thing is so infuriating!


  6. love this! and have to agree with every single one! pavement thieves being my biggest bug bear. we have new houses being built on my road and the workmen are the worst! The amount of rows ive had with then for parking right outside my gate, which means when my asd daughters school buys comes I cant see the traffic never mind get round with the pushchair

    1. Workmen really are awful, I've noticed that myself! They seem to think they have more right to the pavement than anybody else!! :/

  7. Completely agree with you on every single point!! I also get completely infuriated with strangers moving my trolley out of their way in the supermarket, when MY BABY is it! Recently I bent down beside my trolley to get something from a low shelf, when I stood back up some impatient ARSE was moving my baby away from me to get to the items she was blocking. Erm, no! Just ask me, I'll happily move along, but don't ever EVER part me from my child! Unless you want a whole wave of hatred heading your way!!!

    Looking forward to reading more if these and nodding along Hayley!

    Kate xx
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. OMG Kate I've actually never seen anybody do that, that is SO out of order! :o I can't believe how rude some people are!

      Thanks Kate, I'm rather hate-filled in general so I have lots of ideas bubbling away for these posts lol!


  8. Pmsl this has me in fits of laughter ha..... Can't wait for the next one xx

  9. I agree with all of these points and could probably add a few more to the list.. a few off the top of my head include... people not standing on public transport for elderly / disabled / pregnant people. People who throw rubbish on the floor (especially when there is a bin near by!), spitters, people who drink cans of lager while walking around town and also men who has soon as their is abit of sunshine start walking around town topless with their tshirt tucked into the top of their shorts (makes me thankful for the rain!) xxx

    1. Lol!! All good points!! Omg you would LOVE my next door neighbour - every time there's a little bit of sunshine out he comes with his shirt off and his massive beer belly on display! *vom*


  10. Pavement thieves do my nut in!xx

  11. This is brilliant! I love a good rant and I absolutely agree with everything you've said, I can't believe how many white van men park in the parent and child spaces where we live and they obviously aren't going to have kids in the van but they don't care and they never get caught doing it!

    Look forward to next weeks post! :)


    Beauty by Emma - Beauty, Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

  12. I hit the wing mirror on a car when I was walking on the pavement with my pram....accidentally on purpose :P their fault!


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