Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Baby Watch: 13 Week Update!

Dear Tyne,

Today you turn 13 weeks old - meaning you have been in the world for a whole 3 months!!

In the last few days I have really started to notice how much you've grown and how much older you seem - we haven't weighed you for a while but I'd be interested to know how much you weigh now as my arms start to ache after I've been cradling you for a while!!

Eating & Sleeping

Your eating habits are still pretty much the same - you still take 5 oz bottles every 3 hours. You're definitely noticing more and more when Daddy & I are eating proper food though - you look at us very inquisitively! I've read that this can be one of the first signs of you getting ready to wean, so I'm thinking that perhaps you might be ready before 6 months - but we'll see!

As for sleeping, you have been doing much better lately! You start to get very sleepy around 8:30 pm, and end up going to sleep around 9pm and staying asleep until around 4:30 - then you have a bottle and go back to sleep until around 8.30 am most mornings. 
You're getting to be really good with your sleeping patterns!

Your Life At 13 Weeks

Your favourite thing to do at the moment is just chatter!!! You LOVE it when people talk to you - it doesn't matter what they're saying, you just love it and you giggle and coo away back to them!!

Even when Mummy is talking on the phone, you look at me and smile and giggle away as if its the funniest thing you've ever seen!!
You also love seeing what noises me & Daddy can make with our mouths - this week I decided to make "Brrrr" sounds with my lips and Daddy decided to start blowing raspberries at you - you thought both of these things were just absolutely mind-blowing!!! Your eyes went so wide as if you just couldn't handle how exciting it was and then you started chuckling away!!
You also absolutely love being bounced on our knees and sung to!

Mummy does "The Grand Old Duke Of York" and "Horsey Horsey, Don't You Stop" which you love - Daddy goes for less traditional songs such as "Scooby Doo" and "The Mexican Hat Dance" but you still find them very amusing!!

You do love songs - every night you fall asleep to the lullabies we play you from our Bloom FM app but lately you have loved Mummy singing lullabies to you too - every night you get 3 songs - "Smile", "Moon River", "Eidelweiss" and "All My Loving" - you love them all but Moon River is the one that sends you to sleep!

Days Out/Special Occasions

We've had a few days out to local parks, and to some restaurants lately - you're always very well behaved!
In fact just today we went out to the Albert Dock - Daddy & I had pizza and you sat watching the big TV screen in the restaurant! Daddy pretended to feed you some pizza as you were looking at it with great interest - of course we didn't really let it near your mouth but it sure looked realistic in the photo we took!!!!

A couple of weeks ago it was Fathers Day - it was your first Special Occasion since Easter. I dressed you in a lovely "Daddy I Love You" t shirt from Mothercare and you gave Daddy lots of lovely presents, then we went out for a stroll together.


This is a new section - because this is the first week that I've had some real milestones to include!

A few days ago, you rolled over for the first time by yourself - you hadn't done it again since until literally about 10 minutes ago, when you did it twice!!! Part of me is proud of you but another part of me wishes you'd stop it because now I'm worried about you rolling on to your face in your moses basket!
We also noticed about a week ago that you were starting to show signs of teething, and in the last couple of days this has become much more obvious - you are definitely teething!! You are dribbling a lot now - we have to team a dribble bib with every outfit - and you are getting upset quite often and are clearly in pain. We are using calgel which seems to be helping a bit, and trying to help you chew on a teething ring but because you're so little you can't hold it yourself yet and you don't know quite what to do with it!

Our Nicknames For You

Today Jon & I were talking about all the various nicknames we have for Tyne, and we both thought it'd be fun to list them all on the blog to see just how many names we use for him - and to ask all of you what nicknames you have for your children?!

Ours seem quite random and we wondered if other people do the same thing!
Our nicknames for Tyne include:

*Sausage - also Sausage Pie, Sausage Roll and Sausage McGosage - and commonly shortened just to "Saus" - in recent days we have also included "Sausage Man" which usually leads to us singing this to the tune of "Rocket Man"....
*Muffin - also occasionally McMuffin
*Baby Boy
*Little Boy Blue
*Tyney/Tyney Tot/Tyney Boy
*Lil Monkey or Monkey Man or sometimes just Monk
*Cheeky or Cheeky Boy
*Tuppence or Tupp

So there you have it - our ridiculous list of nicknames for Tyne!

That's all our news for this week,

Lots of Love,
Mummy xoxo

Please do share your nicknames for your little ones - let us know we're not alone with our silly nicknames!!!

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