Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Baby Watch: Week 11!

Dear Tyne,

I can hardly believe that you are now 11 weeks old!

In some ways it seems like it isn't five minutes since we were in the hospital, but in other ways it seems like you've always been here and have certainly been around for longer than 11 weeks!
When I've been writing a lot of these Baby Watch posts it has sometimes been difficult to find much to write about because things haven't changed that much from one week to the next - but this time you REALLY have started to come on in leaps and bounds!

You seem so much older now - you're MUCH more alert and active, and your own little personality is really starting to develop and show now. You're not like a little newborn who just sleeps all the time anymore - you are a proper active, wrigglyworm of a baby now!
Eating & Sleeping

Not much has changed with your eating habits - we still make up 5 oz bottles for you. You usually take around 4 or 4.5 oz but sometimes you drain the 5oz and occasionally you want a bit more and take 6 oz.

The last two days you have been sick quite a lot after your evening bottle though, which has been a bit worrying - I'm thinking that its because you tend to drink more during that feed and maybe its just too much for your little tummy or maybe its the hot weather not helping. Its unusual for you though, I know a lot of babies are sick frequently but I think you've only been sick about 6 times since you were born so its very unusual for you!!

As for sleeping, you now tend to go down for a good long stretch around 9:00 pm - because we don't like to leave you upstairs on your own (This house has some ghosties, long story but I wouldn't want to be alone upstairs myself so I certainly won't leave Tyne up there by himself!) we tend to settle you down either in your pram or laying on the sofa for this sleep - and you usually sleep until around 1 am.

You then have your bocky, have a little play (mostly because Mummy is a bad influence and can't not play with you!) and go back to sleep - for the last few nights you've then slept through until around 5.40 am. 

You then have another bocky and lay with Mummy for a bit, and usually drop back off to sleep until around 7.30 am when Daddy gets up with you!

So on the whole, you tend to sleep in 3 or 4 hour slots - which is quite manageable really! I'm not complaining :)

You still sleep quite a lot during the day, especially if we go out in the car - you just zonk straight out!!

Your Life At 11 Weeks

You are starting to play a lot more now - I showed you your Peter Rabbit rattle again, I've showed it to you lots of times in the past and you've never been too interested, but this time you actually looked at it for a few minutes and seemed intrigued by it! You were very excited when I put it by your mouth and let you have a lick of it!

You seem to really love your gym now! We've put your musical elephant toy on it and you are very aware that if you hit it, it will move and swing close to your face - you spend a lot of time smiling at it!! Its very cute!
You also play with your foot and wrist finders now, we're going to make sure you play with them at least once a day to help you become more aware of how to move your arms etc!

Speaking of smiling, you do this ALL the time now! A few weeks ago we had to work quite hard to get smiles out of you - but now they are much much easier to get! We pretty much just have to say "Hello" and smile at you - and you smile and laugh right back!
You have started to really giggle now which is soooo cute! And you chatter away - especially to Mummy when you're on your changing mat!

You shout a lot too - as I'm typing this, Daddy is winding you and you are shouting at him repeatedly - clearly you don't like how he's doing it!!!!

You also have a new toy - a lovely baby blue bouncer which  Daddy bought for you from Kiddicare, you absolutely love it - especially the little teddy bear toy on it! You giggle away when Daddy makes it dance!

Days Out

Over the last couple of weeks we've had some nice days out.

Me, you & Daddy went out for lunch at Damons Restaurant together one day - we were a bit worried about how you'd be in the restaurant as you were due for a feed, but you were fine! You slept through our meal and woke up just as we were having coffee, so we fed you and you were fine! You didn't cry once!

We also had a day out in the sunshine at Festival Gardens, you usually like your pram but you weren't too convinced on this occasion and you were rather insistent that we carried you instead - but it was still a nice day out as festival gardens is lovely and the weather was beautiful!!

We have had lots of lovely weather which has been really nice!

Well that's all of our news for this time,

Lots Of Love,


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