Friday, 14 June 2013

Beauty Post: Review!

As a big fan of cosmetics and beauty products, its impossible not to have heard of

I personally was very familiar with the name, but if I'm totally honest - I didn't really know what stood them apart from any other online shop selling branded beauty products at discounted prices, as there seems to be so many of them around at the moment.

I was invited to take a closer look at the website and try out some of their products for myself.

The first thing I realised when I visited the site was how professional it is - without naming any particular companies, I'm sure you'll agree that a lot of these types of websites can appear very much like something that is being run from somebodys bedroom - with messy website designs, flawed ordering systems and outdated products on sale. really is worlds away from this! Their website looks glossy and inviting right from the start, and runs very efficiently.

At first glance their HUGE selection of products is quite overwhelming - they sell literally every kind of beauty product you can imagine! - but everything is broken down into categories which you select from a drop down menu bar at the top of the page (hair, face, body, etc) making it very easy to navigate and find what you're looking for.

Personally I love branded products, and so I decided to have a look at what high end beauty brands were available on the site - I decided to browse the Benefit section.

I was pleased to find that the latest Benefit products were all available, most at lower prices than on the high street - I was kindly sent two of the items to have a closer look at.

Benefit's Dallas Ultra Plush Lip Gloss didn't exactly grab me when it arrived as the colour looked rather dark and I usually go for pinky shades - but once I applied it I was pleasantly surprised! It is a lovely natural-looking brown shade which isn't at all over-powering and has a wonderful glossy sheen which stays put for hours!

Benefit Dallas Lip Gloss is available from for £14.50 - HERE

The second item I was sent to try was That Gal Brightening Face Primer - having tried The Porefessional before and not been overly impressed, I didn't expect much from this but actually I found it really nice to use. It gave great coverage and really did brighten my complexion! I can certainly see myself incorporating this into my daily make up routine.

Benefit That Gal Brightening Primer is available from for £22.50 - HERE

There are SO many tempting products available from that it's impossible to mention them all - but let's just say that the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette which has been on my Want List for months is currently on sale for just £20.00!!!! I think we all know who'll be snapping THAT up....

And the very best thing about!


I don't know about you, but I love nothing more than a bargain branded cosmetic with FREE shipping!!!!

Plus you can take advantage of the exclusive discount code SUN10 to enjoy 10% off when you spend £25!
(Exclusions apply, please see HERE for details)

To take a look at the fantastic range for yourself - head over to!

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