Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Beauty Wednesdays: Review of

Well it's looking like Jon, Tyne & myself will be re-locating soon to a new home in I've been thinking more and more about various bits & pieces I'd like to purchase for our new house.

One of my absolute favourite things to have in my home is candles!
I'm very sensitive to things like cooking smells and so having good, high quality candles and oil burners really helps me - plus they can be such a beautiful addition to any room if you buy the right ones!

I was recently sent some candles from to have a look at and I have to say, I am massively impressed!
If you've not come across Aroma Works before, let me tell you a bit about them....

The company first began back in 1980 when founder Jane Hibbert was a teenager saving her pocket money to buy and experiment with essential oils. And so began a lifetime of developing essential oils and fragrances, with the eventual launch of Aroma Works first range of Aromatherapy candles in 2009.

And since then, Aroma Works have gone from strength to strength - they have been featured in publications such as Hello, Easy Living, House & Garden, Grazia and even Vogue who said of them 
"These gorgeous fragrances help relax the mind, body and soul - the perfect gift"....
Well if they're good enough for Vogue!!!!!

What They Say

When you light an AromaWorks' candle, you can blissfully drift away safe in the knowledge that you're indulging in only the purest ingredients nature offers.

We source the finest natural soy and beeswax to make our aromatherapy candles, while the fragrance delivered by our superior levels of essential oils will envelop you in tranquillity, happiness and serenity.

And aside from our essential oils - which come from the native countries of their main ingredients to ensure the ultimate quality - our aromatherapy candles are English born and bred.

That means we have full control over the production process, ensuring you can rest easy in the knowledge that everything you buy from us will be the very best. So all you need to do is decide which of our sumptuous aromatherapy candles best fit your mood, light it up and wrap yourself in sheer bliss.

What I Thought

Clearly a lot of love and detail goes into creating each and every candle and I have to say it shows, the packaging is classic and beautiful - you know as soon as you look at the little white boxes edged in various colours depending on the fragrance that you are looking at a high end product!

There is a wide array of products available catering for every possible need - from the 10cl candles priced at £15.00 with 20 hours burn time, to the large 3 wick candles available from £43.00 with 40 hours burn time - and if candles aren't your thing there are essential oils, reed diffusers and room mists available too!

The candle scents are truly breath taking - you couldn't accuse Aroma Works of not stumping up the goods on the scent front!!! Within a minute of lighting the candle, the room is filled with a delicate aroma from the candle - I personally very much dislike overwhelming scents from candles but this was a perfect balance for me - certainly strong enough to linger in the air but not overpowering.

The range comes in 4 key scents:

Serenity - Restoring and calming, a blend of citrus and floral notes comes from Lemongrass and Neroli. The aim is to restore your emotions and soothe away stress.

Inspire - A warming fragrance perfect for winter evenings, combing top notes of black pepper and sweet juniper berry with fresh uplifting lime. With underlying hints of caramel and geranium.

Soulful - Top notes of frankincense and juniper berry combined with patchouli base notes work together to provide a deeply calming and relaxing sensation.

Nurture - A blend of May chang, roman chamomile and sandalwood blend together to bring a rich and fruity scent which is exquisitely soothing.

My personal favourite however is the essential rose fragrance - Moroccan rose, violet leaf and mandarin work together to lift the mood and ease away fatigue, while the patchouli base notes combat stress - perfect!!!!

I have been hugely impressed with the range of candles, oils and reed diffusers from and recommend them highly to any candle lover as well as to anybody looking for a unique and special gift! 

Have you tried any products from Aroma Works? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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