Sunday, 30 June 2013

By Carla Blanket Review

When I first had Tyne, I knew that there would be certain thing I was always excited about buying or receiving as gifts - cute little baby clothes, booties and shoes, sweet cuddly toys....that kind of thing.

But one thing I had never really given much thought to was blankets...

I suppose I just thought that blankets were just blankets - they were functional, they were to serve a purpose and that was all....

It was only when I was given a particularly lovely fleecy baby blue blanket with white star print that I realised how beautiful baby blankets can be!

And from them on, I've been very into baby blankets! I'm forever browsing different designs and fabrics and adding my ever growing collection....

Considering we always put a blanket over Tyne when he's out in his car seat, or sitting in the trolley at supermarkets, or out in his pram - its pretty important to me that his blankets have as much thought put into them as his outfits do! I take great pride in Tyne's appearance and like to make sure that he is always immaculately turned out - so I wouldn't want to ruin that by covering him with just any old blanket!!
So when I was recently sent a By Carla blanket to review I was really pleased!
I had never heard of By Carla before, but from browsing their website I can see that they stock a wide selection of blankets in lots of lovely designs and colours. 
They also sell other products such as sleeping bags, cot bumpers, rugs, pillows and more.

I was sent the Lazy Days blanket and I absolutely love the design!

It is baby blue and white striped on the reverse, with a baby blue sailboat design on a white background on the front.

The blanket is super soft and really comfortable, and at 1.0 tog it's perfect for the current in-between warm & cool weather we're having.

Another thing I love about the By Carla blankets is how they are packaged - they come rolled up neatly and tied with a lovely black ribbon featuring the By Carla brand name - they look really attractive and so would make a lovely gift for a new baby. I personally plan on gifting one to my sister when she has her baby in September as I know she's as big a blanket fan as I am!
To view the many blankets and other products available from By Carla, just click HERE
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