Saturday, 15 June 2013

Choosing The Right Bed

I know my little one is still only very tiny, but lately I have been noticing that he is already starting to become a bit too big for his Moses Basket.

I was under the impression that they are supposed to last for around 6 months but apparently I was wrong about that?!

He is only a small baby too, not particularly long, and is only just starting to be able to wear 0-3 months clothing - so I find this quite confusing!
But nonetheless, his arms are now reaching the sides and this is beginning to wake him up in the night - so it's time to start thinking about his next bed.

Of course, me being me and always liking to plan ahead - this also got me thinking about his "Big boy" bedroom and how I'll have that decorated, what kind of bed he'll be in, etc etc.

I always had such boring beds as a kid - just your standard basic bed! My sister was much more adventurous - my favourite of hers was her cabin bed, which you had to climb up a ladder to get to and then underneath it was a built in cupboard, a little "den" space and a pull out writing desk - how cool?!

I want Tyne to have something along those lines - something a bit different, to make his bedroom more of a "cool" place that he'll want to spend time in.

Browsing around online I came across the Steens Highsleeper - I definitely think I'll be going for something like that!

Whilst browsing for beds, I came across the Clever Clicker website which was entirely new to me - they have an excellent range of childrens bedroom furniture as well as garden furniture, home storage solutions and much more!

Definitely worth a look!

What kind of bed does your child have and what made you choose it? As always, I'd love to hear from you!
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