Saturday, 22 June 2013

Dressing The Baby: Blue Dress Tyne!

As I'm sure my readers know by now, I spend a lot of time "window shopping" online - browsing around various websites.

Every now and then, I come across a website that stands out - one such website I discovered recently was BlueStripes.

BlueStripes specialise in glamourous and gorgeous gifts - with sections dedicated to Bridal Gifts, Baby Gifts, Bath & Body and Luxury Ribbons, you will be spoiled for choice with so many beautiful products available!

I was sent some items from BlueStripes to take a closer look at - along with an absolutely divine handmade soap for myself (Which would make a beautiful gift!), I was sent this lovely little item for Tyne....

The first thing that I want to mention is the wrapping - all items from BlueStripes are expertly and lovingly giftwrapped at no extra charge - the lovely pale blue ribbon wrapped around the box was a lovely touch, and the BlueStripes tag and labels really made it seem special. I couldn't wait to see what was inside!

Once I opened the box, I was greeted by this....

A tiny, beautiful ivory hand knitted aran waistcoat - the quality of this knitted waistcoat is beyond compare. I truly cannot describe how perfect it is! 
Made from Italian Cashmere, it is incredibly soft and delicate - a truly stunning item!

I adored the Bluestripes labelling on the waistcoat, including the little label informing me that the item had been handmade in the UK....

The waistcoat features beautiful little teddy bear buttons down the front, along with the most stunning half-belt and teddy bear button detailing on the back.

Tyne looks absolutely adorable wearing the waistcoat and, although it almost seems TOO beautiful to wear with every day clothes and would make a perfect accessory to a wedding or Christening outfit, I team it regularly with some casual chinos - the waistcoat draws comments wherever he goes!

As you can see, Tyne thinks the waistcoat is very comfortable and he loves it!!

This has become one of my absolute favourite things for Tyne to wear and I will be simply devastated when he outgrows it! 

The Aran Waistcoat is available from BlueStripes for £60.00 - click HERE for more details

BlueStripes sell a wide range of simply breathtaking items for babies....their Baby Check romper suit is absolutely adorable, and they stock some stunning dresses for baby girls!

To take a look for yourself at the high quality range of gifts available - just go to



  1. so in love with Tyne : ), so cute!the wrapping is lovely like you said. will check them out for sure.have a nice day


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  2. This looks adorable! And like such good quality!
    Alex x


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