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Fathers Day Gift Guide: Part 2!

With Fathers Day fast approaching (Its THIS SUNDAY people!! Don't forget!!!) I thought it was high time I featured Part Two of my Fathers Day Gift Guide!
As Tyne's Daddy is having his very first Fathers Day this year, I wanted to make sure that he got some lovely gifts to commemorate the occasion - because its nice to spoil people, and more importantly because Fathers Day has come around first for us I can use it to set the bar HIGH for what he needs to get for ME when Mothers Day rolls around!! ;)

I'm sure you'll agree from the selection of goodies below that he's being well and truly spoiled rotten for his first Fathers Day!
1. Pint & Half Pint T Shirts!

I first saw these super cute t-shirt sets for Daddy & Baby when I was pregnant and thought they were just about the cutest thing ever!

The idea is that Daddy wears the Pint t shirt and Tyne wears the Half Pint t shirt - how cute is that?!!
I can't WAIT to give Jon these and gets lots of photos of the two of them wearing their Father & Son set!!! Can there be any cuter gift idea for a new Daddy for Fathers Day?!!!

These fabulous t shirts are available from for just £29.99 - this fab website also have a wide range of  other Fathers Day Goodies available, just click HERE to browse their selection.

I'll be featuring an indepth review of Getting Personal soon so keep your eyes peeled! 

2. Personalised Goodies From!

As regular readers will be aware, I think personalised gifts are always the best choice for ANY occasion - so when I was sent these products to have a look at from I was delighted!

These gorgeous personalised cufflinks are amazingly high quality! They come in a lovely little leather presentation box, and once you open them and are greeted with the beautiful personalised cufflinks its hard not to well up a little! So sentimental yet practical and classy all at the same time!

You can choose to have any definitions you want on them up to 12 characters - I went for Best Daddy and Tyne's Hero. I think Jon will absolutely love these!!

They are a real bargain for such a lovely keepsake product at just £29.99 - its not too late to order these, they are available for Saturday delivery if ordered by Friday!

Take a closer look at them HERE

This personalised, engraved wooden sign is such an unusual and simple idea yet SO brilliantly effective!

The chunky wooden door sign is engraved with Dads name to be hung of the door of his "Man Cave!" and you get to personalise it with whatever activities he most enjoys taking part in inside said cave!!!

For us - this was "Painting Little Men" (Jon's hobby is painting war gaming figures!) and "Reading White Dwarf" (his favourite war gaming magazine!).

Jon will be blown away by this when he see's it as its SO unique and personal to him! 

This sign is a real steal at just £14.99 including personalisation! Again, its not too late to order this in time for Fathers Day as its available with next day delivery!

Take a closer look HERE

3.Panasonic Portable Power

This is much more of a practical gift but I cannot recommend it highly enough!!

We were sent a Panasonic Portable Power charge to review, and I was so impressed with it!
It is quite simply a mobile charging device - you charge it up and take it with you on the move, ready to charge up any product that connects to it via USB! 

I use it everyday for charging my iPhone or iPod on the go, it really is a lifesaver and would be so useful for a man who travels a lot and has gadgets such as tablet devices or mobile phones to charge on the go.

This fab device is priced at just £49.00 - For more details, take a closer look HERE

4. Photo Mug!

This photo mug was from who I recently reviewed HERE.

The photo mug was SO easy to create and makes an ideal simple yet personal Fathers Day gift!

Jon mentioned a while ago that he loved this particular photo of me and Tyne and so I thought it would be a lovely gift to have it printed onto a mug for him!

These photo mugs are priced at just £9.49 but are currently on SPECIAL OFFER for just £6.00!!!

Go HERE to have a look for yourself

5. Sure & Lynx Goodies!

And finally, there are always the good old fashioned favourites to fall back on for Fathers Day - what Dad doesn't need useful gifts like deodorants and hair products?!

The new range of deodorants from Sure For Men is available from just £3.56 and Lynx's range of male hair products starts at just £4.29 - available from stores nationwide!

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