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Sweet Memory Lane - AshbyTreats Online Sweet Shop REVIEW!

You may remember that I posted last week about discovering a fab sweet shop online - AshbyTreats.Com - if you didn't see it, you can read my post HERE.

Well, I found myself ordering some goodies and they arrived in record time just a few days later!
I had to share my box of goodies with you to let you all see just how delightful, charming and kitschy-cute the whole Online Sweet Shop experience is!

I had great fun "Browsing" the sweet selection in the online store, it was so easy to use - you just scroll through and add whichever sweets you like to your cart, then when you're ready to go you just check out! Its that simple!
When my box of goodies arrived I was so excited - but I decided to hang fire, grab my iphone and film the unboxing of the goodies to show you all just how lovely the packaging is and how tempting the treats inside look!!

After I filmed this video, I of course dived straight in to sample the delights....

OMG - everything is delicious!!!
I'm a big fan of fudge and WOW - the creamy fudge is absolutely divine!! The website states that this fudge won the Silver prize in the Great British Taste awards and I can see why - if this is Silver, I don't think my tastebuds could handle whatever won Gold!!! It really is amazing! 
I had to restrain myself from polishing off the whole bag in one sitting as I want to make it last as long as I can!!

Other personal favourites were the Peanut Clusters -  clusters of peanuts covered in milk chocolate - absolutely delicious! The quality of the chocolate is really high!

I also absolutely adore the chocolate drops - I personally think that the quality of chocolate found in sweet shop selections can be quite poor in comparison to Cadbury chocolate, but I was so pleasantly surprised when I tasted these - it really is high quality, creamy, delicious chocolate!
I also received: 

Scotch Handmade Tablet - I've never tried this before - it looks like fudge but it an unusual texture, more like coconut ice - very sweet but certainly not unpleasant!

Yorkshire Mix - really refreshing! I loved the story behind this too - the website states that legend has it an old confectioner fell down the stairs whilst carrying various sweets which all became mixed up - and they have stayed that way since!

Orange & Lemon Slices - these are really zingy!! They remind me of the little old fashioned boxes of orange slices we would get around Christmas time - really lovely!

Fudge Crunch - soft, chewy fudge encased in chocolate with krispie pieces - really lovey!

Cherry Wheels - these really remind me of childhood and I was delighted to find that the taste hasn't changed at all!! They are just divine!! I love being naughty and biting through the whole wheel rather than peeling it off into strips - but I'm a rebel like that! 

Vimto Bon Bons - these are just gorgeous! Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside and bursting with flavour - amazing!

Cherry Fizz Balls - I LOVE these!!! SO fizzy!!! They really tingle on your tongue as soon as you pop them in your mouth! They have a kind of toffee taste to them which is unusual, but really nice!

Sherbert Strawberries - These little individually wrapped sweeties are really different - they're kind of like a mix between rock and candies, filled with a fizzy strawberry flavour sherbert filling - really lovely!

This is just a tiny selection of the MANY different kinds of sweets available from Ashby Treats online - I highly recommend their online service, why not treat yourself to some sweeties or treat the kids?!
Personally I fully intend to order some sweeties to be delivered to my little nieces in Devon!

I can't think of anything cuter than little bags of sweeties in pretty wrapping arriving by post!! Lovely! And with prices starting at £1.25 for 100g, you really can't complain!

To see more of the selection available, go to

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