Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Motherhood ... & How I Committed Them All In Just 7 Weeks!

As a first time mum-to-be I promised myself that I would not fall into the ParentTrap that so many of my friends had been sucked in to over the years.
“You’ll never find me walking around the house like a zombie still wearing my pjs at 4pm, while the kids are Tarzan-ing off the curtains” I promised myself.
“Co-sleeping?! Pffft! I don’t think so!” I snorted to myself, pitying all these weak-minded mothers who had given up their right to enjoy a full nights sleep without little feet sticking in their backs just to pacify their little darlings….
I gave pitying glances to mothers in supermarket car parks, visibly at their wits end as they battled with toddlers who seemed to have super human strength as they fought against being put into their car seats….“MY child will never behave like that” I assured myself as I patted my baby bump.
Oh yes….I knew it all. I had it all figured it out and NONE of these dreadful fates would befall me in motherhood….
Its funny how easy it is to be so sure of your amazing mothering abilities before your little one has arrived….
Its funnier still how quickly all of those ideals go right out of the window once motherhood actually descends…..
I am only 7 weeks into life as a mother, and I am absolutely astounded at the number of self-imposed Golden Rules Of Motherhood I have already broken.

Here is my list of the Seven Deadly Sins Of Motherhood – and the spectacular ways in which I have gone against every single one of them in just 7 short weeks.

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