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What's In My Changing Bag?! Miracle Bag Review....

As I've already completed the ever popular "Whats In My Handbag" post and, of course, the obligatory "What's In My Hospital Bag" post whilst pregnant....I thought it was only right to finish off the series with a "What's In My Changing Bag" post!
Now I have two changing bags - one came with my pram and its the one I use whenever I go out for a walk or basically anywhere that the pram is going too, as its really pretty and it matches my lovely pram perfectly.
However - it's white, so it is starting to show a few little marks and so I decided it was best to stop using it too often or else it'll end up looking rather tatty!

So I was very happy when I was sent the fantastic Miracle Bag to review....

The Miracle Bag is from the makers of The Miracle Box and The Miracle Tens - there are currently 6 ranges of the changing bag available - the one I was sent is the City Bag.

I love the fact that the bag doesn't instantly cry out "Changing Bag!" - it looks very much like a stylish oversize handbag, something I'd use as an every day bag.

I love the black patent polka dot design - and the blue and white polka dot lining inside really appealed to me!

There are pockets on the outside of the bag which I find really handy for keeping my iphone in, as they feel secure and I like my phone to be to hand rather than having to root around inside the bag for it!

As you can see from the photo above, the bag has two seperate sections - I LOVE this as I tend to use one side of the bag as the Baby part with all of Tyne's things, and the other section as my handbag for my makeup bag, hairbrush, purse, etc - its ideal as it means I don't have to lug around a separate handbag and changing bag!!! 

The bag has loads of fab features - including two mesh bottle holders, a handy plastic wallet for keeping wet or soiled clothes inside or basically anything that you want to keep separate from everything else (I use it to store wet bibs and Tyne's bottle of sun cream!), and a fold away changing mat! Which I'm sure you'll agree comes in very handy for when you don't fancy laying your baby out on the changing tables in supermarkets, etc!

So...whats in my bag?!

*Spare bibs - I always make sure there are at least 2 bibs in the changing bag as you never know when you might need them and I hate using damp bibs!
*Milton Antibacterial Wipes - I use these for wiping down the changing mat after every use
*Halo Handy Hygiene Wipes - I always make sure I have hygiene wipes in my bag as its not always possible to wash your hands every 3 minutes and with a little baby its obviously important to make sure hands are clean!
*Spare nappies - I always have at least 4 nappies out with me, just incase!
*Aquaint sanitising spray - Tyne always has a dummy out with him and it can be a real nightmare if it drops, so having this handy sanitising spray with us can be a real lifesaver!
*Nappy bags - I always have a pack of nappy sacks out with us for convenience
*Baby Wipes - again, always have a full packet with us
*Baby Sun Cream - With the weather being unpredictable at the moment you can never quite tell if the sun is going to sneak up on you when we're already out and about, so I like to carry this with us so that it can be applied on the go!

As well as these items, we also always have a couple of bottles of hot water, the formula cup with 3 feeds in, a pack of spare dummies and a change of clothes - but these weren't to hand when I took the photos! :)

I absolutely LOVE my Miracle Bag and really can't recommend it highly enough!
The Miracle Bag is available from for just £49.00 for the City range, with other styles available from just £39.00!

What do you always make sure you have in your changing bag? What kind of changing bag do you have?
As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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