Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Baby Watch: Week 15

 Dear Tyne,

It seems like only a few weeks ago that I was out for a meal with Nanny and Aunty Laura chatting about my c-section taking place the next day and wondering what you might look like....

I can't believe that was 15 weeks ago tonight!
15 weeks ago, around this time, I had taken a tablet as advised by the hospital to help prepare my body for the surgery and was about to go to bed - I was so worried about the operation, about what might go wrong, and - mostly - about how long it would be until I was able to eat as I wasn't allowed even a sip of drink after midnight until after the operation!

I knew I was 4th on the list for surgery and so I thought it would be hours and I would be passing out with thirst by then - as it happened, I don't think I actually even thought about having a drink until around 4 pm - 4 hours after you were born - because everything happened so quickly and once you were born I was too busy looking at you to think about drinking or eating!!
Its funny the things we remember!

Weight & Height

Anyway - 15 weeks later on, here we are - you are so much bigger now but you're still my Tiny boy - we measured you and weighed you last week. 

You are now 13lbs 6oz which puts you in the 30th Centile for your age range, and you are only 23 inches which puts you in the 6th centile for height!! You are teeny!!! 
It's no wonder that you have only JUST started to be able to wear your 0-3 months clothes in the last week - despite the fact that you are now pretty much 4 months and should be in your 3-6 months clothes! They're not going to fit you for aaaaages!!!! 

Eating & Sleeping

You are still taking 5 or 6 oz bottles for every feed but lately you have started to get very fussy with them - I'm not sure if its just the hot weather making you fussy (I don't feel much like eating either when its this hot!) or whether it is a sign that you're getting ready to move onto solids as you watch us eating with real interest now and you mimic the movements of our mouths when we chew!
I did some reading up on weaning and finally found out what baby led weaning is - I mulled it over and decided against it, and so I decided to buy in some baby rice and things for you just incase we decide to wean you, but when we tried you with it you didn't seem quite ready - you stuck your bottom lip out and cried!!

So we'll leave you for a few weeks and see how you go with your bottles. 

As for sleeping, you have been sticking to a great routine for weeks now - you fall asleep downstairs between 10pm - 11pm, and then we bring you up to bed around 11.

You sleep through until around 5 or 6 am, have a bottle and then tend to go back to sleep until around 8.30 or 9 am.

You did have a little break from routine last night though when you randomly woke up wanting a bottle at 3 am and then thought it was play time and started smiling and cooing away at us - you refused to stop playing for NINETY minutes until you finally dropped back at 4.30 am - little monkey!!!!
We have had a BIG change in your sleep this week though - about a week ago, we took you out of your moses basket and you moved into your big boy cot!!!!

You took to it very well indeed - you liked your moses basket and Mummy was sad to see it put aside, but you love to sleep like a starfish with your arms spread out to the sides and you weren't able to do that in the moses basket anymore without bashing the sides and waking yourself up - plus you seem to like being able to see us through the bars of the cot!

Your Life At 15 Weeks

You are a very very smiley, happy baby pretty much all of the time.

You wake up in a lovely smiley mood and just want to play! You aren't showing much of an interest at all in any toys yet (which Mummy is getting impatient about as I want to start buying more of them!) but you just LOVE people!
You are happiest when you are laying on your back with somebody talking to you, you love looking at their faces and listening to them talk - and  you love to talk and shout back at them!
You have started to really find your voice in the last few days and your cooing and "singing" sounds have now evolved into shrieks and screams!!

You also have a new favourite pastime - blowing bubbles!!! It is by far your favourite thing to do!!!
You absolutely soak your top every day because of it, but you do look very cute when you blow raspberries at us all and grin proudly at how much mess you've made!!

You also LOVE being bounced on our knees and sung to! You laugh your head off when I bounce you from side to side and sing silly things to you!

You are still struggling a bit with teething - around the same time every evening you get very upset, and when we rub on some calgel you stop crying and chill right out - you love the calgel and you've started to try and lick it off our fingers when we're putting it on your gums. You love chewing on our fingers too!
Last week, because it was Nanny Smith's funeral (My Nan), Aunty Laura came to stay for a few days with your cousins Amelie and Lottie-Marie.

It was a bit of a mad house with so many of us here, but you certainly enjoyed all the fuss that was made of you....

...even when they dressed you up as a pirate!

Your cousins absolutely dote on you - especially Amelie who just wants to cuddle you all the time! You love being held by Amelie and are quite content to just look up at her face while she holds you and talks about how cute you are!

I think you're a bit more scared of Lottie as she likes to do things like put you in her shopping trolley and take you shopping!!!

You were also looked after for the first time by somebody other than Nanny or Gagand as we all had to go to Nanny Smith's funeral - so my Aunty Marie looked after you for a few hours, she said that you were very easy to look after and you didn't mind at all!

Days Out

Because we've had such beautiful weather lately, you've been on some nice days out and about - a few days ago Nanny & Gagand took you to New Brighton seaside for the day, which was my favourite place to go to as a little girl.

Me & Daddy took you to Festival Gardens yesterday, and today we went for a drive out to Frodsham for a look around some antique shops at LadyHeyes....

I hope the nice weather lasts for a while, though it is a bit of a pain when we have to get back into the boiling hot car as your car seat tends to make you all hot! :/

Today you also had your very first experience in the paddling pool!

Nanny bought it for you and set it up in the back garden in the shade - you didn't splash around much, but you seemed very chilled out just laying there!!

Well, that's all of our news for this week.

Lots Of Love,

Mummy xxx

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