Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Baby Watch: Week 17

Dear Tyne,

You are now 17 weeks old. I feel like those numbers are starting to get too high now - I actually keep forgetting how many weeks you are when people ask! If it wasn't for writing these posts I think I would forget completely!

I feel like I should be saying that you're 4 months old, but that makes you sound too big - weeks makes you seem much littler, and I want you to be my little newborn baby for a bit longer.

Eating & Sleeping

Since the hot weather struck, you have taken a bit of a step backwards with eating and sleeping.

You play around with your bottles a lot more now, you usually only drink about 4 ounces - sometimes only 3! And you then just want to play around with the teat and chew on it. You do have a lot of water and baby juice in between though to keep you hydrated, and you have a rusk around lunch time- so I'm not worried that you're not eating enough.

As for sleeping, you've gone from sleeping through the night to waking up at around 1 am and again around 5 am, before waking up for the day around 8.30 am.

I'm hoping that this is because of the heat and your teething, and that we'll get back on track with sleeping soon.

You look so cute when you sleep as you always cover your eyes with your hands like this....

And you always sleep with your legs in a Froggy position like this...

Your Life At 17 Weeks

Your personality shines through more and more every day. You are a proper little character now!
You give lots of smiles, but most of them are for Mummy (Yay!) - I don't have to do much to get you to smile, if I smile at you you start laughing right away!

Your laugh has really developed lots, and now it is a proper little giggle - you've been giggling for ages but the sound has started to change now and sounds more grown up! Its very cute.

You laugh most when I'm bouncing you on my knee or throwing you around the air- you love playing rough!!!!  You also laugh when I sing One Direction songs to you and this week my phone rang, and when you heard my ringtone (Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson!) you started to giggle lots! So now when I sing a bit of Carly Rae to you and make you dance, you think its hilarious!
You suck on your hands all the time now, and have started to stare at your toes a lot too as if you've just figured out that you can move them when you want to!

You are also now starting to put things in your mouth - you have a rattle that you like to play with, and it goes straight in the mouth every time!

You shout a lot too - this week Aunty Marie came to see you, and when she picked you up you shouted at her for a long time - you were definitely telling her off about something!!!

You are also pulling yourself up completely by yourself! I had you in my arms a few days ago, and you pulled yourself up to a sitting position without me helping - I had to stop you or else you would have toppled forward onto the floor, I almost died!! I didn't expect you to do that yet!
I thought it might be a fluke, but yesterday I sat you propped up against a cushion on the sofa and again you pulled yourself up to sit up straight - and again then almost toppled forward but I grabbed you! So there'll be no letting you sit up on the sofa anymore incase you try to be clever and end up tumbling off it!

We bought you a Bumbo seat last week and you seem to like sitting in that quite a lot!

               This week you also had your first go in the BIG bath! 

You got in with me, and you absolutely LOVED it - we haven't taken you swimming yet but I know you'll love it as in the big bath you kept laying yourself on your back with your arms to the side and just trying to float! You loved it, you're going to be a water baby like your cousin Amelie! (She's a mermaid, you know!)

This week is also a bit sad for you, coz its your last week at this house. Your Daddy has already moved in to our new house in Devon and he's getting it ready for us - so at the weekend, we'll be following him there and moving in.

Which is exciting - but its also a bit sad as this is where you recognise as home, and Nanny & Gagand are going to be very sad that you don't live here anymore (I know because they keep telling me and making me feel guilty!!!)

Days Out

Because its your last week in Liverpool, we've been having quite a few days out with Nanny & Gagand this week. 

Nanny loves taking you out for a walk around the village in your pram every night, and she made me go along too the other night - we explored the old graveyard and had a look at the church where you were christened.

We've also been for a walk around the Marina a few times, and we went out for a meal while we were there...

And we went to a vintage fete at Speke Hall, you seemed to enjoy looking at the classic cars - I think you're going to like cars when you're bigger!

Well that's all of our news for this week,

Lots Of Love,


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