Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Beauty Wednesdays: Messy Bun!

Today's Beauty Wednesdays post is all about Hair!
As I mentioned in my Things I Hate About My Post-Baby Body post, ever since having Tyne my hair has been a real nightmare!

It becomes greasy and lank very very quickly (though I suppose the weather isn't helping!) and I find myself needing to wash it more often - which isn't really that easy to do with a baby! And even when I do get around to washing it, I find that it holds the water massively so never really looks dry and always just looks a bit bleh!

Also, my hair is quite long and thick, so in this heat it is almost unbearable to wear it down!

And so the answer to my hair prayers is this hairstyle.... 

the Messy Bun!

This has been my go-to hairdo for the duration of the heatwave because it keeps me nice and cool but still looks like I've made an effort, and because my hair is up - it doesn't matter if it isn't looking perfect as you can't really see the condition of it anyway!

And the best part of it is that it literally takes a minute and a half to achieve...


Because of this....

Yep - its a hair piece!

It is literally hair on a bobble - so you just put your hair into a high ponytail, twist it into a loose bun, and then put the hair piece bobble over it - voila!!

A perfect messy bun with no fuss!!
I have seen girls sporting hairstyles like this for ages and always wondered how they achieved the look, as no matter how hard I tried I could never get my messy buns to look this good - It was a hairdresser who spilled the hair piece secret!!

I picked my hair piece up from Rapunzels in Liverpool for £5.99 but they are available from many places.

I actually bought two of them - I wear one for a casual look as seen above, and two for a more dressy, volumous look in the evenings...

What do you think of my cheaters messy bun?! As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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