Saturday, 13 July 2013

Dressing The Baby: Fun In The Sun

Well what a heatwave we've been having in the UK this week! PHEW!!!!

I know myself that I find it really hard to stay cool in the hot weather and the stickiness makes me really irritable - so I know it must be hard for babies who can't let us know if they're feeling hot and bothered!
Tyne seems to be like his Mummy in not being the worlds biggest sunshine fan - so I wanted to make sure he had some extra cool clothes to chill out in!
He has a wardrobe bursting with clothes but all of his t shirts seem quite thick, and high necked - and I wanted him to have some extra light clothing to get him through this amazing weather!
So I headed out to the local retail park and we found some nice bits and pieces in places I wouldn't usually shop for baby clothes - Boots & H & M!

Here are a few of the ones he's been wearing over the last few days!

I love this little trio - so cute and so comfortable for him!

The navy blue shorts were part of a pack of 2 from Boots - the other pair are the same but in Baby Blue. They were £6 for the pair.

The t shirt says "My mummy says Smile & Be Happy" - it's from Next and I think it cost £5.

The hat was my favourite bargain! It is SO cute and it was a steal at just £1 from H & M!!!!

This super cute little dungaree set was my Mums choice - I actually didn't like the look of it on the hanger but the material was paper thin so we got it coz we thought it'd at least be very cool for him.
 Once he had them on, I actually think they look adorable!
They were £6.00 from H & M.

Here are some pictures of Tyne & I chilling out in the garden today....he LOVES just laying out on the grass and looking up at the trees and birds!

This is his view from where he lays....

I LOVE how blue his eyes are - there's no filter used on this pic at all, and look at how icy blue they are!!!

I hope you liked Tyne's outfits this week!

What do you and your little ones like to wear in the summer heat?! As always, I'd love to hear from you!



  1. Love the hat and his hair is so cute xx


  2. Aww lovey outfits...
    He's such a cutie x

  3. Gorgeously-lovely fotos of you and Tyne:-)


  4. awww so cute! mine are all in the shorts and tshirts all these days too, its soo hot!

  5. The sun is hard work with a baby, Josh is so grumpy in the heat he's been living in his vests and shorts all week! xx

  6. Sooooo cute :)

    Nicola Xx

  7. Adorable!! Ive just bought rio so muchcute summer clothes, hopingthe sun stays out long enough for him to wear them!!
    WTTP - The little lady with a baby!

    1. Aww I think it will, according to the reports its here the next week or two at least!



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