Friday, 5 July 2013

Friday Fives: My Top 5 Royal Baby Names!

As this week we are focusing on the Royal Baby - I wanted to tie in my Friday Fives with the theme.....
I thought about discussing my 5 Favourite Royals, or giving you Five reasons why I love the Royal Family....

But in the end, I decided to discuss my Five Favourite Royal Baby Names....In the coming weeks I want to talk more about baby names as names are something I have always had a huge interest in, and when somebody has a baby I am always SO excited to find out what name has been chosen and why!

And so, here is my list of Top 5 Royal Baby Names:

1. Princess Eugenie

Of course, now that Princess Eugenie is 23 years old her name doesn't seem quite so unusual as we've all been familiar with it since her birth....
But when she was first born and her name was announced, it was considered to be a rather bold and unusual choice by her parents.
However, her name is not as unusual for a Royal as you may first think - she was actually named after Queen Victoria's grand daughter Victoria Eugenie Of Battenberg.

I personally love her name and its unusual sound, certainly a name fit for a Princess and one I much prefer to the name of her sister - the more traditional sounding Beatrice.

2. Isla Phillips 

One year old Isla Elizabeth, the second great-grandchild of the Queen, has a name which is becoming ever more popular among us commoners - rapidly climbing the Name Charts for the last few years.
But among Royalty, the name is unheard of.

Considering that Isla and her older sister Savannah are the children of Peter Phillips, making them 12th and 13th in line to the throne,  their names are particularly nontraditional choices. This may be due to the choices of their mother - Autumn Kelly - who comes from a rather average Canadian family background, rather than a Royal one.

While I appreciate Savannah as a sweet name, it does seem to be a name that would be rather difficult to pull off as Queen should she ever actually make it to the throne (highly unlikely I know, but still!) however Isla seems far more usable! 

3. Zara Phillips

Although Zara seems like such an ordinary name now, in the 80's when Princess Anne gave birth to her daughter it certainly raised a few eyebrows!
The name was actually suggested by Prince Charles - it is Greek in origin and means "Bright as the dawn", which he thought appropriate due to her sudden and positive birth - her out-of-the-ordinary name has certainly set a theme for her life as she has always been someone determined to tread her own path.

4. Flora Oglivy

The Granddaughter of Princess Alexandra Of Kent, cousin of the Queen,  Flora Oglivy is not a Royal Family member that we hear about often.

Flora is, again, a very unusual choice of name among British Royals but nonetheless one which I think is lovely and so fitting for an elegant member of the Royal Family.

Her cousin Zenouska Mowatt - also the grandaughter of Princess Alexandra of Kent - was also the recipient of an unusual moniker, though not one I am personally particularly fond of.


Ok, I'm cheating slightly as Catharina-Amalia Princess of Orange is a member of the Royal Family of the Netherlands rather than the British Royal Family - but I ran out of options, our Royals more often than not stick to very run-of-the-mill names!!!
I personally adore foreign names, and Catharina-Amalia stood out to me as a particularly beautiful one.

So with the Royal Baby due so soon, what names do you think Wills & Kate will be considering bestowing upon the child?!
I'd of course LOVE to see them go for something a bit wackier than we're used to - perhaps they'll follow Kim & Kanye's example and name the child South?!

But my money is personally on Frances - for either gender - as it was the middle name of Diana.

What are your guesses?!

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