Sunday, 21 July 2013

James Hazel Handbags

It's probably no secret that I am a bit of a shopaholic - I love shopping for clothes, cosmetics, pretty much anything really!

But I have to say - my favourite thing to shop for is always handbags.

No matter how much of a "fat day" I'm having, handbags never mind - I don't need to struggle with sizes or worry about them looking rubbish on me! And I really believe that a good handbag can truly MAKE an outfit!
I have recently discovered a great online store for handbags - - their website is simple, stylish and very user friendly.

There are a number of handbag categories displayed along the top of the page - such as Tote Bags, Handbags, Purses, etc.

The selection of bags on offer is vast - there is something to suit every taste and budget!

Here are some my top picks:

Owl Handbag - £19.95

Striped Metal Zip Tote Bag - £22.00

Studded Caitlin Handbag - £21.50

And what I love the most about is that they offer FREE DELIVERY on all items!!

Why not have a browse for yourself?! Check out or why not LIKE them on Facebook?!



  1. LOVE these, especially the owl one, gonna have a browse now, looks like they have fab prices too x

  2. One of my friends brought me the Owl Bag as a gift for my Baby Shower a few weeks ago, its so cute. Was actually thinking of using it as a changing bag!!xx

  3. OOh lovely choices, I would have the last one xx


  4. Amazing collection of bags displayed above I must say. Bags have always been an integral part of person life weather he is a school boy or a business man. From stylish multi colored handbags to classy yet trendy executive bags you can choose them from different available brands. For a lady to shop for purses it has to be as fashionable and as exciting as possible, same is the case for men. Almost all the female celebrities have this crush for bags and clutches, worth of millions to few dollars these bags can flaunt your style statements with class and perfection.

  5. Due to the different materials used, the colors on my bag handles are of different shades. But they provide a nice contrast to the texture of the handbag.


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