Monday, 29 July 2013

Mummy Mondays: Tomy Neil The Seal REVIEW

Tyne (*cough* Me...) was SO excited to be asked recently to review Tomy's brand new toy Neil The Seal....

Neil arrived with us last week, and we got him out of his box straight away and were very excited to have a look at the little guy!

Neil The Seal is from Tomy's Play to Learn collection - he is a super cute push along plastic seal with flippers and comes with a little ball.

We took Neil out of his box and I was VERY pleased to see that there was very little assembly required - you simply clip his push along handle into his tail and thats it - he is good to go!!! No batteries required or anything!

You place the ball on the floor in front of him and push him towards, his flippers then pick up the ball, bring it up to his nose where he balances the ball, brings his flippers back down and spins the ball on his nose!!

The first time we watched him do this, myself and Jon were in stitches!! We couldn't believe how clever and entertaining this little guy is - he really is so much fun! 

Tyne is obviously too young to fully appreciate him yet, but the colours seemed to really appeal to him and he loved watching Neil pick up the ball and balance it - I know when he's a bit older he will LOVE this!!
My niece is 3 years old and she was very impressed when we showed Neil to her - her jaw actually dropped when she saw what he could do, she really seemed to think he was real - and I must admit, he looks very convincing - every movement is so smooth!

We filmed a little video to show what Neil The Seal does.

I was already impressed with the toy, and feel it will be a great aid to Tyne when he's new to walking and will also help him with his hand-eye co-ordination when he places the ball down for Neil The Seal to pick up, but when I found out the price I was ABSOLUTELY blown away.
I fully expected this toy to retail at around £40.00 - and I would have happily paid that price for it - but incredibly, Neil The Seal is priced at only £19.99!

This is such a fabulous price for what would make a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift. 

Neil The Seal is recommended for children aged 18 months + and will be available from stores such as ELC, Amazon, Argos and from the end of July.

Did you watch our video? What do you think of Neil The Seal's talents?! As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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