Sunday, 21 July 2013

My Budget Bucket List!

The movie "Bucket List" starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman is one of my favourites - as well as being moving, it does inspire you to think about what things you'd put on your own bucket list.

Money Supermarket are currently running a really fun competition HERE - asking bloggers to post about their Budget Bucket List and Extravagant Bucket List items!
The winner could be in with a chance of £1,000 toward completing that Bucket List wish - or four chances to win £50 toward your Budget Bucket List wish!! How cool?!! 

My Budget Bucket List Item

When my son was born, my partner was quite down in the dumps about the fact that his parents - who passed away many years ago - never got to meet his child. And likewise, that Tyne never got to know his other grandparents.

My partner doesn't have much family at all - just one brother in Newcastle who isn't too well, and isn't able to travel. 

Tyne is 4 months old now and has never met anybody from his Dad's side of the family, and I know that Jon would LOVE for Tyne to meet his brother and visit the area he grew up in, and even take him to his parents graves so he can at least feel that - in a way - he got to introduce his son to them.

Its my partners 40th birthday in  a few weeks time, and I would love to be able to surprise him with a visit back home to Newcastle if I could.

But even though Newcastle is not very far away, we haven't had the money to arrange train tickets and hotel accomodation to be able to go and do this - with having a new baby money is always tight, and as much as I'd love to be able to do this - some bill or other always needs paying and gets in the way.

My Extravagant Bucket List Item

Everybody who knows me well knows that I LOVE cruise holidays!  As somebody who loves travelling but is terrified of flying, cruising is the perfect solution to my problems!
I have only been on one cruise so far - the ONLY drawback to cruising is that its not really cheap so its not possible to go on them very often.

My main bucket list wish has to be to go on a LONG cruise! I'd love to go around the world on a cruise - spending 3 months on a luxury cruise ship travelling the globe in comfort and style sounds like absolute heaven on Earth to me. And I'd LOVE my son to be able to see the world that way too!
If 3 month cruises are too much, a 2 week one would work just as well - I'd love to go on one that visits Gibraltar so that I could visit my cousin there, as my fear of flying stops me from being able to see her!

What's stopping me from doing this is purely and simply - money! I just don't have the means to be able to afford long cruise holidays,  and I can't see myself being able to afford one for a very long time to come! 

I nominate my 3 lovely blogger friends Rachel at BeautyQueenUK, Emma at Handbags to Changebags and Louise at Confessions Of A Secret Shopper to take part in this challenge!

And don't forget - anybody can join in - just click here:

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