Monday, 22 July 2013

Post Baby Bodies!

As you may have guessed from the title of my blog, Stretchmarks are one of my bug bears!

I have been left with, I feel, more than my fair share of them after having my baby boy 4 months ago - and no matter how many different lotions and potions I try, they do not seem to be disappearing! 

I know that a lot of people are comfortable with their stretchmarks and even see them as a badge of honour, which I applaud - but I personally can't stand mine. They are very noticable, there are a lot of them and they just look extremely unattractive.

I've been reading up on stretchmarks and skin imperfections tonight, and finding myself wondering how it is that so many celebrities seem to be back in their bikinis frolicking on beaches within months of giving birth seemingly without a stretchmark in sight!
I wonder if some of them may have invested in skin tightening treatments, such as the Endymed Pro 3 Deep treatment - which is a radiofrequency technology which is painless but gives an immediate tightening effect! After reading up on the treatment, it seems like a great way to get rid of the post pregnancy body imperfections we're left with - No Pain and ALL gain!!!

Of course, many celebrities insist that good old fashioned exercise is the key - with JLo stating that she started training for a triatholon just months after the birth of twins Max & Emme - whilst Halle Berry and Jessica Alba were big fans of personal trainers. 

Whatever their secrets, I can't help but envy their amazing post baby bodies!

What did you do to get back into shape after giving birth? As always, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I hate my stretchmarks and my pouch that I can't seem to get rid of, pregnancy isn't kind of the body :-(

    Hels X

  2. I have faded ones from having Stace and absolutely massive new ones from having Ozzy. I feel like my whole body belongs to someone else lol. I was discussing it with Nathan a few nights ago and said I might start Zumba at the end of the school hols. I probably won't though ;)

    Louise xxx

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