Thursday, 4 July 2013

Royal Themed Gifts Review Part 1: Flowers With A Function!

Today I am focusing on reviewing some Royal Themed Gifts...

This morning I am focusing on a Royal Themed Gift for babies!
When a new baby arrives, a lot of people like to send flowers - which is a lovely thought but I do always think that flowers are a bit of a shame as they die so quickly.

So this is why I think that BabyBlooms are the PERFECT solution to your baby gifting problems - they have all the charm and elegance of a lovely bunch of flowers, and they cost the same, but they last forever and they have an actual use - because instead of being actual flowers, they are made up of a mix of artificial flowers and baby socks & hats made to look like flowers!

I have reviewed BabyBlooms before - take a look at my original review HERE - and I am a huge fan of theirs. 

BabyBlooms have now come out with The Royal Posy

This absolutely gorgeous posy is fit for a little prince or princess - containing 6 pairs of 0-6 months socks in white and red. 

Mixed in with blue flowers for the overall Red, White & Blue effect and finished with lovely ribbon curls - the posy really is a beautiful and very appropriate baby gift for any child born in the coming months!

The Royal Posy is available from for £25.50

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