Saturday, 13 July 2013

Surviving The Summer In Sandals

Well the heat is most certainly ON in the UK right now - after months of complaining about the rain and lack of sunshine, it has finally hit us!

Summer is here at last! 

Of course once it arrives, the Great British public tend to find it very difficult to manage the heat - after all it's not something we're used to! I myself find it very difficult to know what to wear to stay cool in the summer - but one go to item for me is always summer sandals!
I love flip flops but when carrying a baby they can be a little unsafe as I do tend to trip up in them quite a lot (perhaps I'm just extremely clumsy?!) but sandals provide the same coolness for my feet without the tripping hazard - perfect!!
A lot of people think that sandals are purely beach wear, but really they can be worn for any occasion - you just need to find the right pair!
Here are my top choices for summer situations you may find yourself in:

Summer Wedding

Wedding attire doesn't have to be stuffy in the summer - a long floaty dress looks perfect for the occasion teamed with some glam sandals!

My favourites are these stylish feline flat sandals for £38.00 from ASOS

Nude Diamante Sandals from New Look - £19.99

Shopping Trips

A day out shopping in the sunshine is always great fun, but it can play havoc with your poor tired aching feet!
These lovely 

At The Office

Smart work wear doesn't have to mean ditching the sandals - there are many lovely, smart pairs of sandals available which will keep your feet cool and keep your boss happy!

These lovely black metal trim Sandals from Dorothy Perkins are a sure winner - £28.00

Day At The Beach

The perfect sandals destination is, of course, the beach!

Jelly sandals are such a blast from the past for me, my absolute favourite footwear as a child! And the beach is surely the perfect place for them!
This lovely pair from River Island are perfect at £18.00

The sandals don't even have to stop when it times for exercising - there are many ranges of sandals suitable for long walks and various forms of keeping fit in the heat!

My personal favourite are these Waimea Falls available for £29.99 alongside a range of lovely sandals from 

Do you have a favourite pair of sandals for Summer? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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