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The REAL Me - Link Up!

Today I'm trying something a little bit different!
For a while now, I've been thinking about how - as bloggers - we all portray a certain image of ourselves to our followers.

The Mummy Bloggers among us talk mostly about our lovely children and show what lovely Mummies we are.

The Beauty Blogger crowd show their vast knowledge of beauty products and tricks, and show us all how glamourous they are every day!

The Fashion Blogger crowd let us into their wonderful wardrobes and we envy their ability to dress to impress!

And so on and so forth....

But how much of the REAL us do we actually show?

Whether we mean to or not, it's natural that we all put our "Best Foot Forward" so to speak - we all show the world how fabulous we can be! And that is GREAT!

But I thought it could be interesting to bite the bullet and let people in to our darker sides a little more - we all have bad habits, we all have embarrassing traits and we all have our little quirks - and these are the things that make us REAL.

So why not join me in embracing them?! 

If you'd like to join in with me, create your own Real Me post and put your link in the Linky form below! I'd love to see your posts!

The REAL Me!!!

My Quirks

*I have an obsession with smells of things and so I have to sniff dinner plates and glasses before I use them to check that they smell ok.

*I'm very OCD and I used to have to sterilise my cutlery with boiling water before every meal - I don't do that anymore but I still get paranoid about it being clean!

*I love being scared and going to see scary movies, but I spend the entire time hiding my eyes behind my hands so it's really quite a waste of money as I see very little of the actual film....

*My wardrobe and cupboards are an absolute mess to anybody elses eye - but I know exactly where EVERYTHING is and it all makes sense to me. I WILL know if anything has been moved. And I won't like it.

*I have to shave my legs and underarms every single day, whether they look like they need it or not. 

Five Embarrassing Facts About Me

1. I go to concerts a lot and some people would probably think some of the concerts I've been to are quite embarrassing - they include Barry Manilow, Britney Spears, Peter Andre, and Ant & Dec to name a few....

2. My biggest celebrity crush isn't Johnny Depp, David Beckham or any of the people most women my age would go for - it's Declan Donnelly - yep, him from Ant & Dec. Has been since I was about 15 and have never changed my mind!

3. When I'm home on my own, I LOVE playing on the "Sing" app on my iPhone - I'm no good at it at all, my singing voice is horrific - but I LOVE doing it and I love to REALLY belt them out

4. I cry at adverts all the time. Even ones that aren't supposed to be sad - current tearjerkers for me are the Robinsons Squash "Its good to be a Dad, better to be a friend" one and the baby milk formula "Trust us, you're doing great" Mums one.

5. I am extremely clumsy. I fall over all the time. I once walked right into a lampost which was covered in should have been pretty visible.
And I once tried to sit down in the middle of a crowded New Look to try on shoes only to completely miss the stool and land flat on my back with my feet up in the air. Cringe.

Through The Years

Here are some photos of me growing up - embarrasing 80's fringe, hideous pink outfits and all....

Me and my Dad on a Caravan holiday in Wales - aged about 3.

Me ready for Ballet Class - aged about 5

Me (Centre) as a Rose Bud in the local village carnival - aged 8

Me in a rather fetching uber-pink ensemble - aged 9

Embarrassing Photos

The REAL me used to go out clubbing wearing very questionable outfits and would ALWAYS order a Bacardi Breezer and ask for a matching straw - Orange Bacardi Breezer?! Orange straw! Red bacardi breezer?! Red straw!!! (If they only had black straws, I ordered a Smirnoff Ice - coz monochrome works too.....)

I get very very drunk at family parties until I end up doing something embarrasing - below is my 21st birthday, and I am in the middle of a shot race with my cousin Peter. After this photo was taken I stumbled inside and walked over broken glass, and sat scooping up birthday cake with my bare hands while my mum fished the glass out of my foot - NOT a good move....

I LOVE Fancy Dress and when the opportunity to partake presents itself - I go to extremes!!

I dance like a bit of an idiot

I eat too much and I allow pictures like THIS to be taken while I do it...

I sing BAD karaoke...

I can't resist a greasy burger at the end of every night out and I insist on talking crap to the people serving me...

I end up finding embarrasing posed photos on my phone from nights these:

^<<< I have NO idea who that guy even is.....

And the next morning, I look like this:

So now its YOUR turn - to show us the real YOU just make your own post and leave your link below!
 And don't forget to check out other peoples too! :)



  1. Fab idea for a linky. If I get a chance I might join in later =)
    Lovely post x

  2. Ha ha I love this post, so refreshing and thus real!

    I must confess I, too can be OCD about hygiene and having a accute sense of smell makes me very aware people's unsavory gross habits(enough said). So I can relate to sniffing things out:-O

    I, also tend to eat too much,something which I'm trying to address!

    Thanks lovely for a refreshing, down-to-earth post; credit to those dte Scouse genes!

    1. Ha!! I'm glad I'm not the only one!! :)

      Aww I'm glad you liked it! :) xx

  3. LOL I love this!
    I used to fancy Dec as well aha. The New Look shoe thing is hilarious ahaha xx

    1. Lol!! It SO didn't feel funny at the time, I wanted to ground to open up and swallow me!


  4. I love this post! You do come up with some fab ideas Hayley :) I don't have any embarrassing kiddie photos on my laptop but I think I've got some embarrassing drunk photos so if I get chance I'll do this post later xxxxx

    Handbags To Change Bags - Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Aww thanks Em! I didn't think I had any, I found them all in an old Photobucket account - cringe!!!
      Hope you get to do one, would love to see your drunk photos hehe!


  5. omg, this is a great post!!!
    I love the pictures, it makes me wish id taken some of me in the past, but i always have (and still do!) hide from cameras!!
    Id love to do one like it but i sear i have hardly any pics of me at all!! I could do a writing one like it...would that count!!?
    Oh yeah, and i used to fancy Dec too - infact last year i had so many wierd dreams about him...kinda freaked me out a little...!!He was always the cute one, even with the curtain hair (which was fashionable at the time!!!) in Biker Grove!!!

    1. Aww thanks Claire!
      Oh yeah you could def do a writing one, that counts! :)

      Oh I had such a thing for anybody with curtain hair, but especially Dec!


  6. Hayley This sounds awesome...I am going to write a post for this one by the end of UBC and if you allow post this post under my blog and let people add their link there too...
    Visiting from UBC

  7. I LOVE this! You seem like such a fun person! I've forgotten who I am since having a baby! xxx

    1. Aww thanks! I know what you mean! I'm in the middle of writing a post about how you change after having a baby, its interesting!! xxx

  8. Great post Hayley! I'm going to try and join in too!

    I cry at exactly the same adverts as you and I'm a sucker for fancy dress too! Are we tragic? I think not!!!!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  9. I really wanted to join in with this linky but I don't do photographs of myself! :(

    Lou xxx

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

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