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Thursdays Thing I Hate: Child Haters....

For today's Thing I Hate Thursday I want to talk about a section of society that bugs the life out of me....

People who claim that they "hate" children.

I know many, many people who fall into this category - real life Cruella De Ville's who claim to dislike everything about children, complain that they're too noisy,  messy, smelly, etc etc - seemingly forgetting that they too had to be children at some point.

How can you hate something that is just a phase of every human beings life?!

These people seem to spring up in a lot of places where it is quite likely that children will be found - such as a family oriented restaurant. It's clear from the fact that there's a ball pond inside that the establishment welcomes children, so why do you sit around rolling your eyes when you see children playing and making noise?

Furthermore, I really dislike restaurants that have "No Children" policies. 

Obviously it's fair enough if we're talking about a bar with a restaurant attached, as a bar is not going to be the most suitable place for children to be - but other restaurants turning children away really irks me.

Yes I understand that rowdy children disrupting the peace and quiet that other diners may want to enjoy would be very annoying - but not all children are rowdy. Some children are more than capable of being quiet and polite at a dinner table, and enjoying a meal with their family. So why should the parents of these children  be stopped from enjoying a family meal at a nice restaurant just incase their kids are disruptive?

ANY human being is capable of being rowdy - an adult can also be disruptive, loud, rude and downright annoying in a restaurant (in fact whenever I've disliked the company of fellow diners in restaurants, they have always been adults - never children!) - so how would a restaurant handle that situation?! They would speak with that person or ask them to leave. Surely the same can be done if a child is being disruptive - why ban them all just incase?!

I dislike the notion that just because I am now a parent, I have to stop going out to nice restaurants unless I have a babysitter - my partner & I really enjoy fine dining and we want our son to appreciate good food, so why should he not be able to come with us?

Just because we are now parents, do we automatically have to resign ourselves to family meals at Wacky Warehouse and McDonalds?!

On New Years Eve, Jon & I went for a lovely meal at my favourite restaurant - a Teppenyaki Sushi bar in Liverpool City Centre, one of the places where the chef cooks at your table - the restaurant is very glam, popular with the WAG crowd. 

At the table next to us there was a family with 3 or 4 young children, aged between 18 months and 6 years old. Other than noticing how cute they were, you would never have known they were there - they were perfectly behaved and they all seemed to be having a fun New Years Eve meal together.

So why do some restaurants feel that its acceptable to discriminate against families and ban children from their premises?

One such restaurant, McDains in the USA, recently decided to ban children under 6 years old because the owner feels that "Parents who bring their offspring along for dinner do so because they are impolite and selfish".

While doing a quick Google search on the subject, I came across this e-petition by a woman named Lucy who states that she would like children to be banned from all British restaurants after 4.30 pm.

Lucy states:  

"Children, especially those under the age of 7, create intolerable noise pollution, at extremely loud volumes and unpredictable frequencies. Other patrons of restaurants, bars and cafes have often had pleasant sessions ruined by such noise. Everyone pays the same amount of service, but many people's enjoyment's of the establishment are marred by other people's children's noise. This is obviously unfair. I propose that children younger than age 7 are vetoed by cafes and bars at all times"

So what do you think?! Are people like Lucy right.....should children be banned from restaurants?! As always, I'd love to hear from you!



  1. hahaha only 6 signatures!!
    Some people must of forgotten they used to be children too!!

  2. One such restaurant, McDains in the USA, recently decided to ban children under 6 years old because the owner feels that "Parents who bring their offspring along for dinner do so because they are impolite and selfish". <- What the actual f**k?! I'm sorry for my bad language there Hayley but that's really annoyed me! As this Lucy woman has too. Children behave the way they have been taught, so it's the parents or childcare provider to blame if they're creating mayhem!xx

  3. I think some restaurants are clearly aiming at markets, whether that be through their concept, type of food, brand, and ambience, that is fine dining, adult orientated etc, and why should they not if that is what they want to do. The problem then is, they know the business, and have seen places where families go to en-masse, and it does end up as a busy messy noisy mix, and maybe they panic and shy away from that, worried they will get disruption, and it's just not what they want to cope with. To be honest young children would find the food they serve in some of these places too rich etc. anyway.

    I agree with some of what you've said, but a bit of an exaggeration to say you'll end up in a Wacky Warehouse.

  4. There are many lists of people I would love to ban from public place ;O) xx


  5. I dont agree at all...its stupid. If one must have a quite corner, create that. People are crazy with their idea of a perfect world sometimes.

  6. I actually cannot believe that e-petition!!! I have no words for how cross that makes me. Luckily that woman was clearly never a child herself. I'd ban HER from any restaurant I was in!

  7. Ooooo controversial! That e-petition is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen, however I can understand why some restaurants would ban children. I'll be honest, if I was on a romantic date type of thing in a nice restaurant, I just wouldn't want to be sat next a family with young children, quiet or not. I'd never go to an obviously child friendly restaurant though and then complain about it, that's just stupid. Basically I think depending on what type of restaurant it is, I honestly don't see a problem in banning children from it.

    Anyway on a slightly better note, I love your Thursday Things I Hate posts! :) So glad I found your blog, it was by the FBL Group on Facebook by the way :)

    Hannah x

  8. I didn't know that there were restaurants that don't let children in! We went to Nandos the other (not upmarket, but still!) and Caleb sat in the highchair shouting because he was so excited. I thought it was hilarious and cute but we still got some looks and I had to try and quiet him down!

  9. Sounds like Lucy needs to be banned from restaurants herself silly cow! Why should children be banned why shouldn't they have the same rights as us adults, I would be furious if a restaurant didn't let Abi in.xx

  10. I think that policy is stupid unless it's a restaurant with adult activities (bar, loud club-performances) I understand why SOME restaurants might have that policy. Some people want to go to a scene and only see adults.
    I just think they should have nice restaurants where kids can attend as well. I think restaurants lose more business when they have the "no kids" policy. 9/10 if I can't take my baby with me to dinner then we're going to find another place to eat.

    Miya from

  11. OMG has that woman really started that petition!? I had the unfortunate pleasure of a child hater in a family pub recently. They actually shouted at our children! Granted they were running around and squealing, but the pub was empty bar us and these people who had come in and they had chosen to sit by us. We were actually about to get the kids to sit down too, there's no need for people to be so rude! I appreciate people pay for a service but not all kids are badly behaved so to say all kids should be banned is a bit extreme. This was the one occassion where I had let my daughter get down from the table to play with her friends, she normally remains seated and is quite well behaved. I probably won't dare let her do it again after what happened.

  12. Children should be banned from restaurants. It's the owner's right to do so

  13. I'm sorry, but you're clearly wrong about restaurants doing something you don't like. You see, the restaurant belongs to someone, it's their property, and as so it is their prerogative to allow in who they choose. As a consumer, you have the right to vote on their behaviour with your money (everyone does), and if they're doing something terrible people with not spend their money in that establishment. It will either close or allow children, but that is the owners choice, not yours.

    If that is not the case then you'll have no objection to me turning up to your home and fixing myself something to eat? I'll pay for what I use. What do you mean it's your property!!? Well, in that case, you have left me no other choice but to start and e-petition!

    1. You seem to have missed my point entirely. Have you actually read the post?

      What I am stating is an opinion - therefore by definition it cannot be "wrong" as it is my own opinion. Nothing based on fact one way or another.

      The e-petition you refer to was started by somebody petitioning against children being allowed into restaurants.

      I'm not denying that restaurants have the right to turn away children - I'm putting forward my opinion that doing so is unfair as it doesn't allow children the opportunity to learn correct behavior in such settings if they are banned from attending them.

      And by your logic that a restaurant owner can pick and choose who they allow to enter because its their property - doesn't this open up a whole can of worms from a human rights perspective?
      Does this mean a restaurant owner should be allowed to ban homosexual couples or different ethnic groups too? Children are humans too.

      If you'd like to re-read the piece and come back with a comment based on that, rather than what you THINK you read - I'd love to hear it :)


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