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Thursdays Thing I Hate: My Post-Baby Body....

Yes, yes I know -  it is NOT considered "cool" of me to publicly state this....

I am supposed to be immensely proud of my "Mum Tum"....I am supposed to be thrilled with my body for producing a lovely healthy little baby boy and be proud to have the "Lived In" look ....

I am supposed to embrace my stretch marks by referring to them as my "Tiger Stripes" and saying that I earned them.... I'm not going to do that. 

Why not? Because it's just not true.

That is NOT how I feel - whether people think that I should or not.

If other people feel that way then I am genuinely very happy for them and I applaud them - I wish I felt that way, but I simply don't. And I won't pretend that I do.

I love my little baby, I love being his Mummy but that does NOT mean that I have to love all of the changes to my body that go along with it.

It's MY body and I will hate it if I want to!!

Here is what I hate the most and why:

  • I HATE the fact that I went right the way to the end of my pregnancy without a SINGLE stretchmark appearing - so smug that I didn't have any - only to notice after the birth that my tummy, sides and inner thighs were suddenly COVERED in them.  I have NEVER seen anybody with as many stretch marks on their tummy as I have - seriously, I look like a Frisp.

  • I HATE the fact that my boobs....instead of either....:

A)Getting bigger and giving me a shot at being in the Guiness Book Of Records for something other than "Most time ever spent day dreaming about being Johnny Depp's future wife...."


B)Getting smaller and allowing me to sleep on my front occasionally without the rest of my body being three feet away from the mattress...

instead, decided to stay pretty much the same size but just droop down like spaniels ears all of a sudden....I swear I'm now almost kicking them when I walk...

  • While on the subject of my boobs (You don't mind, do you?!) - I hate the fact that my....what shall we call it?!...."Nippular area"?!...has grown somewhat. I noticed during pregnancy that they had grown and commented to my sister that they looked like saucers - she asked me the other day if they still looked like saucers. I informed her that they now look more like dinner plates.

  • My hair has gone....crap. Just crap. I can't put my finger on how exactly. I haven't lost any of it or anything like that. It just always looks rubbish! Maybe its because I don't have as much time now to spend lovingly washing, drying, straightening it etc - but whatever reason, it seems to get greasy much quicker than it used to and generally always looks crap. 
So there you have it, those are my main concerns.

But actually - if I'm telling the truth, this isn't a problem that has come purely from having Tyne.

I have been really unhappy with my body - my weight in particular - for most of my life.

As I mentioned in my previous post - "A Letter To My 15 Year Old Self" - I was always made to believe I was fat by idiot girls at my school with nothing better to do with their time. 

This always stuck with me and I have pretty much always felt like I was overweight....Looking back on old photos though, this isn't true.

This is me at 16:

I was a size 8, and I weighed 8 stone 8 lbs -I don't know how I remember that but for some reason the figure always sticks in my head!

I have always been tall, since I was 16 I've been around 5 ft 8 inches tall - so for my height, I didn't weigh very much at all and was rather skinny!

In fact, looking at photos its quite clear to see that I look TOO thin - my face is drawn and I look unwell - that's because, it turned out, I was.

When I was 18, I was diagnosed with a condition called Graves Disease -  basically it's an auto-immune disorder whereby my thyroid gland produces either too much or too little of the hormone thyroxine. The condition has many many symptoms including palpitations, anxiety, bulging eyes and distorted vision, problems conceiving, increased risk of miscarriage and stillbirth, hand tremors, hair loss, muscle weakness and many many more. 
One of the symptoms is weight loss or weight gain - it can fluctuate either way.

The medication used to treat the condition is largely steroid-based - meaning that it tends to make you bulk up.

So when you combine the two factors - weight fluctuation caused by the condition itself and weight gain caused by the medication - it becomes extremely difficult, in fact almost impossible, to manage your weight.

Ever since being diagnosed with this condition at 18, I have felt completely out of control of my own weight - as no matter how many diets I try and how hard I work at it, it is almost impossible for me to lose more than a few pounds here or there.

At my heaviest, I have weighed around 16 stone and been a size 18/20. I feel extremely uncomfortable and self conscious around this weight - I was always so worried about what people thought of me, and on so many occasions I have had people assume I was pregnant when I was not.

I felt most at my most comfortable between July 2011 - February 2012

Here I weighed in at around 13 stone, and I was a comfortable size 14. 

This is my ideal weight - I felt just right. I didn't feel too skinny as I didn't think my face looked drawn as it does when I'm a size 12 or below, and I didn't think that I looked overweight and I felt healthy.
This for me is where I'd love to be able to get to and stay.

Unfortunately, the reason I was at this weight wasn't because of dieting - It was because my thyroid had become overactive again and so my metabolism was through the roof.

This meant upping my dosage of medication - which meant that, inevitably, the weight came back on....or it would have done. As it turned around, I fell pregnant around the same time anyway!!!
Since having Tyne, I am back up to the very uncomfortable end of my weight range - I am in the snug end of a size 16, and I feel unhealthy and out of shape.

And on top of the weight issue, there's now the added loveliness of my "mum tum" - infact my tummy has remained quite rounded so I still look rather pregnant!!

I hate this and I hate feeling so out of control with being able to do anything at all about it.

I try diets and see little results if any. I'm restricted with exercise as cardio is not recommended for me, I go swimming but I don't see any results from it.

And so I'm pretty much left to hope that my thyroid goes into overdrive again soon so that I can lose a little weight....but of course, that comes with its own set of problems.

In short, there wasn't much of a point to this post other than to offload and try to make myself feel a little better - but maybe it can at least teach people that not every person who struggles with their weight does so purely because of their eating habits. Sometimes there is a lot more to it than that....

Did you struggle with your body image after having a baby? How did you manage to lose baby weight? As always, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I did spit my water out when I read "I look like a frisp" lol... sorry. I think you look fab and can't believe you are 5ft 8" I feel like a proper dwarf! xx


    1. I'm sorry Hayley but I too had a problem at this point ... uncontrollable giggles! I've had a bad couple of days though so am I allowed? Lol.

      Also, I'm gonna feel sooooo small on Monday ... I'm only 5ft 2 {';'}

      You look fab in all of your pics and if people say otherwise then I honestly think they're just jealous. I used to worry about what people thought of me all the time. I have a crooked spine, dodgy teeth, lazy eye and the most awful voice you've ever heard in your life. Not to mention being small and dumpy. This last couple of years though I've kind of just thought 'To hell with everyone else. This is my life and other than worrying about what other people think I'm really happy'. It was then that I traded jeans and jumpers for mini dresses and skirts, experimented with more daring makeup looks now and then and generally just stuck two fingers up at the world.

      This hasn't changed since I had Oscar but I won't let Nathan see me naked anymore because of all the stretchmarks and flab on my stomach. I'm convinced that if he sees them he'll feel sick and leave me. But then the other part of me says if I carry on being mardy he'll get fed up as well. It's a bit of a vicious circle isn't it xxx

      Confessions of a Secret Shopper

    2. Lol! I worried people might not know what a Frisp was - I'm glad it wasn't lost on you two! ;)

      Aww thanks Lou - I'm glad you've managed to rise above it! That's really great. I wish I could!! You should write a post about how you managed it, I'd love to read it! :)
      (And you look anything but small and dumpy - you look so slender and elegant in your pics!)

      It is definately a vicious circle with the man issue! :/


  2. Hayley you look amazing in all your photos on here! And you are the same height as me!! :)
    When I was younger and because I was always the tallest people used to say I looked ill because I was so thin but I used to eat loads. After I had Abi I went up to a size 16 for a while and it does take time to loose baby tum and weight, it took me about 2 years, firstly I wasn't bothered what I ate after I had Abi I used to eat takeaways and not watch my diet, as soon as my fat arse hit those size 16 jeans I was horrified so tried to change my eating habits, although I LOVE my food, I am not one of these people who will go out for a meal and have a salad I go in for the full wack! It's hard, and esp when your on medication too for a medical condition.
    Anyway it all takes time. Oh and my stretch mark track has started too right under my belly they are awful :(

    1. Aww thank you Em. I don't feel it, I was SO nervous about putting some of them up!
      Haha yay for Tall girls!!! I used to get teased at school for being tall too, I forgot about that part actually! lol.
      I know what you mean - I do like my food too!! lol. But yes, the medical problems don't help :(


  3. I hear ya. I still look 5 months pregnant. Even though i have lost all baby weight and i'm acutally lighter than having my babies. my boobs got a could just fling them over me shoulder. your shape changes so you have to learn to love yourself ALL over again

    1. Lol I'm glad i'm not the only one with the boob problem!!! Yeah thats a good point about having to learn to love the new you!


  4. Oh you're so lovely and tall, I'm only 5'2! I also hate my mum tum, I got all the way through my pregnancy without any stretchmarks only to end up with a massive c-sec scar :( My friend keeps inviting me to go swimming but I keep bottling it as even with a proper swimming costume you can see the outline of the scar, the skin sort of folds in. Urgh, hate it. I have lost all my baby weight, I didn't do anything to lose it except run around like a headless chicken, but I hate how I look. My hair has also gone weird! xx

    1. I always wanted to be shorter haha - I guess we always want the opposite of what we have!
      Aww it is horrible feeling unsure about wearing a bathing suit. My scar hasn't been an issue, its healed well really - its not beautiful or anything but its not visible through a suit, but my stretchmarks on the other hand - UGH!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think some of your problems sound like things you will get during and post pregnancy and these are things you either can't do much about, or take time to go. I can only go from observing my sister, and her weight gain did take a while to get down, and she became impatient with it as well. I am sure things will improve on that score. And swimming is great for toning your whole body, even if you don't see any obvious results - it definitely makes me feel better when I've shut off and had a swim.

    Confidence is a thing hard won, especially body confidence, and that may be part of it as well, so me saying you are looking fab, and are a pretty lady wont help much, but it is true! hang on in there xx

    1. Yeah I do find swimming reeeeally relaxing which is why I still go even though it doesnt seem to help with losing weight :)
      Confidence is such a hard thing. I always thought maybe it comes with age, but I keep getting older and it doesnt seem to be happening lol.
      Aww thank you Lauren xxx

  6. Aw Hayley! You look beautiful on your photos! I still look pregnant too and it sucks bigtime! I was fine after having Riley, no stretch marks and I lost the weight quite easily but this time has been a totally different story, I got stretch marks and put on loads of weight and I'm finding it hard to shift, don't get me wrong I'm not massive but I feel massive compared to how I used to look, I'm sure I've got cellulite on my arms lol who has cellulite on their arms for gods sake?! Anyway we can feel fat together while we're stuffing our faces at Red Hot on monday lol can't wait! xxx

  7. I hate my post baby belly too. Had twins 11 months ago, they stretched me to size 28 possibly 30 from a normal 12-14. I've read a lot on the belly dance issue since I have only dropped to a 16-18 and can't find my stomach muscles. Still look pregnant with the giant belly bulge. I read that this could be separated abdominal muscles which makes your organs bulge through the muscle gap. Also could be a hernia again caused by babies!!! I'm getting the gp to check me over. Issue is that an op to fix either problem means no lifting for 5 weeks. Isn't nature wonderful?!?!


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