Friday, 2 August 2013

A Peek Inside Our New Home!


Well as I mentioned a few weeks ago, we have now moved from Nanny & Gagands house in Liverpool into a new home in the little market town of Newton Abbot in Devon.

We have only been here for 3 days so far, so we've been busy getting everything unpacked and sorted out - we haven't done much exploring yet, so I can't tell you much about the town itself - but it's close to Torquay so we're nice and near to the beach which is lovely! Its been a bit rainy since we got here, but hopefully we'll get to take Tyne for his first trip to the beach before Jon starts his new job on Monday!

For today I thought I'd share with you some photos of our new home, and what I've been buying to make it look pretty!

Our hallway and landing. Nothing too exciting - but the landing is really long which is nice, and there are two large storage cupboards and a loft - we need tons of storage space so this is so handy for us!


The final room is the office, its a really spacious room and I'm looking forward to sitting in here to do my blogging! There is still some finishing off to do in here though.

I think its really important to have inspirational quotes around a workspace and I find the fab website  to be perfect for prints!

I have this one above my computer and find it perfect for just giving me a little motivation when I'm working hard on articles or crafting - You can buy this or many other great prints from Always Sparkle HERE for just £20.00

We have our bookshelf in one corner....

The computer desk in another corner. In the corner you can't see is our big dvd unit. 


I have always wanted to create a really calming space in my bedroom using lots of white and a touch of silver for a glam feel. I'm really happy with how its turned out, it feels very serene!

The bed itself was from Ikea and cost £100. I also bought this hoop net drape from Ikea - I think it gives the bed a "four poster" feel without any fuss as its so easy to put up! and it was a bargain for just £8.00!!

The bedding set is a simple, crisp white one with a ribbed effect on the pillows and along the bottom of the duvet - it was £14.99 for the set including a fitted sheet, from B & M.

This silver cushion is one of my favourite recent buys - it was from Drapers and cost £4.95 for the cover which I used on an old cushion.

The white wicker laundry basket was from Ikea for £15, the blanket box is one I've had for years which we've repainted white and the white voile curtain was from Home Bargains for £7.

Tyne is still sleeping in our room, so his cot had be to white! This was a gift from his Nanny, and was bought from Mothercare for £99.00

My wardrobe and drawers were also from Ikea, bought a few years ago. The wardrobe was around £120, and the drawers were around £80.

I loved this little plaque and it fitted perfectly with my bedroom theme! 
It was purchased from a local pottery shop for £5.00

These lovely white fitted wardrobes were already in the bedroom and have come in very handy!!!

And finally, I absolutely fell in love with this pretty sparkly lightshade for the bedroom - it was £18.00 from Wilkinsons.


I love how LONG the living room is! We have one end done as a sitting room and the other end as a dining room, and theres still a huge space in between left free!

In the dining room end there is a working fireplace - I decided against using it for now as its too messy. The black mirror was a gift from my parents, and I LOVE these wall decal stickers - they are so easy to apply and are so effective! They were just 99p for the set from Home Bargains.

Our dining set was a gift from my parents. 
The "Home Sweet Home" canvases were a gift from my Aunt, and the teal voile curtain was from Wilkinsons for £8.00.

The vase on the table was from Next and cost £8, and the flowers were from The Range for around £3.00.

In the fireplace I have a bowl with fairy lights inside.

And in the corner I have some twinkling twigs.

This is how the dining room looks at night with the fairy lights on. Usually we have the main light off, and it has such a nice relaxing feel to it.

In the living room end we have the tv, on  a black glass stand which I bought from a friend.
I also have my Liverpool Skyline picture on the wall for a little taste of home!

In the corner we have our armchair, and some shelves up with pictures of my nieces and another of the wall decal sticker set.

I absolutely LOVE our corner sofa! It is so comfortable, perfect for lounging on to watch a film and so ideal with a baby - Tyne lays on the long end to play and while I change his nappy, and he loves staring at the patterns on the cushions! 

I think corner sofa's are just fabulous - are the perfect place to look if you're in the market for a new sofa, and if you're looking for corner sofa's they have Amazing UK Ranges Click Here Online!

Next to the sofa is a little coffee table which was a gift that matches our dining table, and I have another of the wall decal stickers set up to look like its on it. Above the sofa I have a sconce with teal candles which was £4.99 in B & M.

In the corner we have a standing lamp which was £15 from Ikea, and our lovely new canvas print of Tyne!

I absolutely love this print - it was just an iphone snap, but using I was able to turn it into this beautiful, high quality canvas!


Our kitchen is really roomy and light, which I love - we still have an empty space for a washing machine which we need to buy this week. As you can see all of my appliances are pink! I've had them for quite a few years - I love having a pink themed kitchen!

I spotted this funky tea towel in Home Bargains and just had to have it!

This is the other side of the kitchen.


The bathroom is a bit annoying as its downstairs, but its a nice size and is nice and light.

I picked up a wicker basket for keeping the loo rolls in, I don't think anything makes a bathroom look more cluttered and untidy than toilet rolls in its packaging! The basket was £8.00 from Wilkinsons.

I picked up this popup laundry basket from Primark for £4.00 to keep dirty towels in.

The towels I picked up from Primark match the laundy basket, which I love - the towels were £6.00 for a bath towel and £3.00 for a hand towel.
The little shelving unit was £18.00 from Wilkinsons.

 Tyne's Nursery

This is the only room thats yet to be completed! Its a really good size and I'm excited to get it done but we have loads of his things to be brought from Liverpool so it will be a couple of weeks before its finished. His Daddy has painted the walls ready though - I love the clouds!

So there you have it! Our new home!

What do you guys think?!! What's your favourite room in your house? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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