Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Baby Watch: Week 19

Dear Tyne,

The last two weeks have been probably the most eventful since you were born - last weekend we moved from where we had been temporarily living in Nanny & Gagand's house in Liverpool, to our new house in Newton Abbot.

You seem to have coped well with the move, but it must be a bit odd for you as you're so used to the old house - we're going home for a visit in a couple of weeks though as I need to have some dentist work done, I hope you don't get too confused with all the to-ing and fro-ing!


I hadn't been too concerned with the idea of getting you into a routine as I don't really believe that they're that important until a bit later on, but you seem to have other ideas and have sort of got yourself into a new routine without my help!

You wake up between 7.30-8.30 am (though for the past two days its been closer to 6.30 am - I hope you get out of THAT habit!) and are always in a lovely playful mood. 
You then have a little nap around halfway through the morning for between half an hour to an hour, and then another much longer nap in the mid afternoon which can be anything from an hour up to 2 and a half hours!!!!

You had started to have what we called "Tyney Tantrums" around 9pm every night because you were overtired, so I now get you ready for bed at 8.30 and take you up to the bedroom where its nice and quiet. You then settle down to sleep around 9pm. 
You sometimes wake for a bottle around 1 am, and sometimes you sleep through until the morning. It differs every night!


We've had some BIG changes on the eating front in the last two weeks, as we have now gone from bottles to actual food!! 

We started you on baby rice (which you didn't like!) and then moved on to rusks and baby porridge, which were much bigger hits!
I've been following the health visitors advice and trying you on one food for a couple of days to check there is no allergic reaction, before introducing another one.

I did start by doing my own vegetable and fruit purees but they were a massive faff, and when I read the ingrediants list on a pouch we were sent from Ella's Kitchen I was surprised to see that they contain NO additives or anything other than the vegetable - so I am sticking to those until you are able to have mushed up versions of our dinner!

I love watching how excited you get about food, and when you really enjoy something and you lean toward the spoon with your mouth open when its gone - as if you're clearly asking for more! You also make "Nom nom nom" sounds throughout every bite!

You still take 5 oz bottles, you play around with the ones in the day but you love your night time bocky.

So far foods you have LOVED are:
*Pear puree
*Apple Puree
*Apple & Banana breakfast
*Banana Puree
*Cow & Gate Sunday dinner
*Creamed porridge

You have HATED:

*Cauliflower Cheese

That's all we've tried so far!

Your Life At 19 Weeks

I hadn't been putting you in your bumbo much as you were a bit wobbly in it but I put you in today, and you were sitting very straight and controlling your head very well! So I think we'll have to put you in it more often from now on!

From tomorrow, its going to be just me & you throughout the week as Daddy starts his new full time job tomorrow - so I'll be able to put you in the bumbo while I'm doing our lunches and stuff, which will be handy.

I'm looking forward to having the days with just us as I know we'll have lots of fun - you're getting such a little personality now and are my little best mate!

You seem to think I am the funniest person in the world, all I have to do is smile at you and you start chuckling away at me! It's so cute but it makes me feel a bit guilty as you never smile and laugh at anybody else as much as you do for me - not even Daddy! (Though I'm secretly glad!)

Because we're new in Newton Abbot i've been looking for things we can do, as I like to be social and would like to get to know some local people - I have joined Netmums and we have already met a person with a baby who we might meet for coffee, and we've been invited to go to the weekly Meet A Mum group which we will definitely do - we will start doing some Mummy & Baby classes too but they mostly run in term-time so we will have to wait until September for those!

We are going to be meeting up with Mummys friend Faye and her little girl Rumer who is just a few weeks younger than you on Tuesday, so that will be fun - as coincidence has it, Faye & Rumer have moved to Newton Abbot too so at least we know some people here!

Days Out

On Saturday it was Daddy's 40th Birthday - me and him had a lovely meal out while Aunty Laura very kindly looked after you, but we saved the birthday cake to do with you!

You seemed intrigued by the candles but you cried when Daddy blew them out!!!

We had a nice day out at Pirate Thursday in Brixham harbour when Nanny & Gagand were here, it was a lovely day so we pushed you around in your pram - I counted 25 People who complimented us on your pram!!!, it seems to be a real hit in Devon!!!

You are loving being in Devon as you are surrounded by adoring females - your aunty Laura and your cousins are very pleased that you live here now, and you have been visiting them a lot!

Well that's all of our news for this week!

Lots Of Love,

Mummy xxx

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