Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Baby Watch: Week 21

Dear Tyne,
It's been a couple of weeks now since we moved to Devon and we are all settling in nicely to our new home.
We are still working on getting your nursery sorted out but I'm hopeful that we'll get around to finishing it this week! (Fingers crossed!)
You have settled in nicely, but Nanny & Gagand are here visiting us this week and I think you're happy that they're around again - I'm sure you missed them very much!
Mummy's Little Man!
Recently I have really noticed how much of a Mummy's boy you are!! I don't mean to blow my own trumpet but I am 100% your favourite person! You always smile big enormous grins every time you see me and laugh at everything I do - even other people are commenting on how you stare at me all the time and how you just seem to love me! I think it is the cutest thing ever and I'm so glad that you think I am so brilliant!! You are my little best mate and even though I know Daddy is jealous - I'm glad you like me best at the moment!

Eating & Sleeping
You have been doing well with your eating lately - you are very much like Mummy & Daddy in that you LOVE your food! The only thing we've found so far that you absolutely won't tolerate is cheese - we've tried you with cauliflower cheese baby food and cheesy pasta baby food and both times you made a disgusted face, shuddered and spat it out! Point taken!
We have learnt though that you WILL tolerate carrots if they're mixed in with other foods though, which is good!
I have been a bit unsure of how much food to be giving you at this point, but you seem to be showing us what you want - you're not drinking much out of your bottles at all during the day anymore, you only seem to want a few ounces at most - though you do still drain your night time bottle.
In the day we've been giving you half a pouch of something fruity for breakfast, half a jar of something fruity or savoury around lunch time, and half a jar of something savoury followed by a petit filous or a baby dessert at dinner time.
You have started to really cry when you're hungry, especially in the evenings - the past two nights around tea time you refused any bocky and screamed the house down until we gave you food! Then you cried for dessert - we usually give you half a jar but you kept crying for more, until eventually the whole jar was gone!!! We were very shocked!
As for sleeping, you have been going to bed later recently - around 11pm. You have taken to only falling asleep for Mummy - I have to go and lay on our bed with you but you're no trouble - you just smile at me and fall asleep within a few moments, then I put you down in your cot and you sleep until around 5 am, have a bottle and go back down until around 8.30.

Although for the last couple of nights you have been a bit unsettled and have started turning yourself around in your cot so that you're lying sideways! This means you bang your head on the bars and it wakes you up and gives me a big fright! I'm not sure what to do about this as we don't want to use cot bumpers?!

Your Life At 21 Weeks
You are a very happy little boy and you always seem to be smiling - you have a proper little personality now, and your own sense of humour - which really makes me giggle!
Your favourite things are being tickled, when I play peek a boo by putting your feet over your eyes (bendy baby!), and being bounced on our knees and sung to!
You spend quite a lot of time seeing Aunty Laura and your cousins now that we live so close to them - you absolutely love Amelie and she loves you! Its very cute, she just wants to cuddle you all the time and you love to just stare and coo at her
Lately you also love playing rough and tumble, and - much to my delight! - you have learnt to give kisses!!!
It is the cutest thing ever - we say "Kisses for Mummy?" and you lean forward with your mouth hanging open! SO cute! You're not at all fussy either - you will give kisses to anyone!

A couple of weeks ago we got you a Jumperoo - we had intended to get it for Christmas but I was worried you'd have outgrown it by then, so we decided to get it now - i'm glad we did as you really enjoy bouncing around it! You do a very funny little dance when you're in it, I'm convinced that you're the next Michael Flatley! (Funnily enough a fortune teller told me years ago that my firstborn would be a boy who would be famous for a talent relating to his legs....spooky hey?)

Another of your new toys is Sophie Le Giraffe - you started to REALLY know how to play with toys and bring them to your mouth a week or two ago, and since then you just love chewing on anything and everything - so Mummy decided you absolutely needed a Sophie!!!
I have seen them around for years and always thought they were SO cute - I worried it might be a little girly but you didn't seem to think so, you love munching away on her and she's become one of your absolute favourite toys!
Days Out
We've been doing a fair bit of exploring around the area, and had some nice days out - this week we went to a big fair that's on in Torquay. I thought you'd like to look at the lights and the rides, but you weren't too impressed!
We have also had some visitors recently - Mummy & Daddy's friends came to visit - to see our new house, and of course to see you!
You got to have some cuddles with your Godmummy Sarah who you hadn't seen since your Christening - you like her very much and fell straight to sleep on her when she cuddled you! Sarah is hoping to have a baby girl in a year or two, so that you can marry her when you're grown up and Sarah can be your mother in law!!!!! (She's a bit nuts....but we love her!)
It was the first time you had met some of our other friends, like Aunty Jen who was very excited to meet you....

And Uncle Dan, although you did frighten him a bit by crying your eyes out when he held you! poor Uncle Dan!

After all of your visitors, you were exhausted and you slept on the sofa for aaaaages!!! 

We have also been enjoying the lovely Devon scenery!

We have been mostly sticking to Torquay & Brixham lately but we will try to be a bit more adventurous and find new places to visit over the next few weeks!
Well that's all of our news for now,
Lots Of Love,
Mummy xxx

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