Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Beauty Wednesdays: St Grape - Unique & Natural Beauty Products

I was recently given the opportunity to try out some products which were brand new to me.
I had personally never heard of the St Grape brand before, but I am SO pleased that I have discovered it!
The brand are already a big hit in their native Canada, and as they provide high quality, all natural products which are not tested on animals I can see why they have been so successful.
From the moment the package arrived and I tore into it, I was impressed! The packaging of each product is GORGEOUS!!
As my regular readers know, nice packaging makes all the difference to me - it really can make or break a product. I think you'll agree that it'd be pretty difficult to do any better than this when it comes to packaging?!
I almost didn't want to open it as it just looks so perfect, it would make an ideal Christmas gift and you wouldn`t even need to wrap it!
Exotic Pink Salt

Again, I have to compliment the packaging. Beautiful and a perfect Christmas gift!
The product is made up of 100% Natural grade A Himalayan Pink Salt and enriched with pure mineral oils.
It can be used as a bath salt, but I have always found bath salts too gritty for my liking so I chose to use it as a foot soak/scrub.
It smelt lovely and I found it really relaxing to just soak my feet for ten minutes, and then use the salts to scrub away dead skin - my feet felt smooth and really revived afterwards!
It sounds so silly to say that they felt like they could breathe - but that is honestly how it felt!
The St Grape Exotic Pink Salt is available from for £15.00
1 Month Silk Skin Spa Kit

This is the packaging that impressed me most - just beautiful!!!
Now when it comes to the products I have to be honest, I have only had them for a week so I can't give a full and honest opinion of these yet as I haven't had chance to use them but I will happily report back with results once I have!
The kit includes everything you need for a top quality at home clay facial!
Including Precious Silk Skin Clay, Lotus Rose Essential Toner, Anti-Wrinkle Essential Serum, and all the little bits you need for carrying out the facial - a brush for pasting on the mask, a scooper for mixing the clay and toner, a measuring cup and even a headband for keeping your hair out of the way!
I think it is AMAZING that everything you could possibly need for the facial is provided bar the cucumber slices!!!! I am looking forward to trying this out at the weekend and reporting back with my results!
The 1 month silk skin spa kit is available from for £49.00
Aqua Bliss Natural Face & Body Scrub

A natural daily facial and body cleanser, this scrub is natural and suitable for all skin types. A small amount on the desired area used to scrub away dead skin feels leaves skin tingling and fresh as a daisy!
I love using this before I apply my make up as I find it really helps it to apply much more smoothly as my skin is silky!
I'm not the kind of person who bothers much with daily skincare routines as I never have time for much more than brushing my teeth but I have left this by the bathroom sink and I now make sure I allow the extra two mins each morning to scrub my face - well worth it!!!
The Aqua Bliss Face & Body Scrub is available from for just £12.00!
Invisible Skin Massage Oil

I love massage oils as its a good excuse to insist that Jon gives me a back rub as, obviously, its imperative that I trial a product I've been sent and if its a massage oil - well so be it! ;)
This smelt just lovely and the consistency was just right for a nice massage - not too runny as with some massage oils which leave me feeling greasy for hours afterwards! It was really lovely to use and my skin smelt really nice for hours after - although unfortunately I think I need to invest in a better masseuse! He's not the gentlest, bless him! 
The Invisible Skin Massage Oil is available from for £25.00
Have you tried any products from the Saint Grape range yet? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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