Saturday, 10 August 2013

Dressing The Baby: July 2013

Here's a selection of some of my favourite outfits that Tyne has worn in July!

To celebrate the arrival of Prince George Of Cambridge, I kitted Tyne out in a very patriotic get up!
His "Born To Be Royal" t shirt was just £2 from Tesco, his union jack socks were £1 and his dribble bib was £2 - both were also from Tesco!
And his pale blue jeans were from Next and cost £8.00

I absolutely love seeing Tyne in checked shirts, this is just one of the many he's worn lately!
This blue checked shirt is from Next and cost £5.00, and his white linen shorts were from Boots for £6.00

Here's another of my favourite of Tyne's many many checked shirts! This one was part of a set I got in the sale from Mamas & Papas for just £5 while I was about halfway through my pregnancy! I love that it has bits of pink in it too!

I picked up this tshirt last week in Primark - I'd never looked in there for baby clothes before, but I was in there buying towels and saw this and just loved it! It says "I was born to be a:" and then has the options Rock Star, Rascal, Footballer and Super Hero with Rascal ticked. How cute?!
 Its nice and soft too - and it was such a bargain for just £1.50!

I love this super cute Half Pint tee shirt from Twisted Twee, and think it looks great paired with the light blue jeans from Next as seen in the first outfit....

And it's even cuter when you see the full effect - the matching Pint tee shirt that his Daddy wears!
The tee shirts were £29.99 for the set from

What do you think of Tyne's outfits this month?! As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. love the half pint and pint tshirts! so cute :)

    dayle @

  2. He's so adorable! I'm getting broody for a little boy! shame we cant choose haha!

    Kerry X

  3. He is such a super cutie! I love all his little outfits. We had the pint/half pint set too :) xx

  4. Aww he's so cute - I want to lift him out of the screen and give him a cuddle!

    I tried to get Oscar a 'Little Prince' romper suit from Boots but none of the ones near me had them in stock:(

    Love all of Tyne's outfits this month - he's the best dressed baby in the world :D xx

  5. He looks gorgeous in every outfit Hayley, but so so sweet in his little shirts!!!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  6. Tyne's outfits are so cute! He looks absolutely adorable!

  7. Oh gosh, he is so cute! I love Tesco and H&M for clothes. It's a shame so many shops don't have as much of a range for boys as girls though!


  8. adorable outfits! there is a lot of choice around and some lovely outfits

  9. Tyne looks super cool in his outfits, love the half-pint tshirt. My son just got a checked shirt for his birthday, can't wait for him to wear it :) xx

  10. lovely pics he looks a proper boy full of trouble lol he will have girls flocking when he grows up :)

  11. I love that orange tshirt from primark! :)

  12. love the outfits and lovely pics

  13. the half pint one is my favourite along with his expression. So cute!

  14. The matching tees are cute!!

  15. too cute!!
    love little boys shirts :') makes them look all grown up but there still tiny! :]

  16. These outfits are very cute! Its so much harder finding cute boys clothes compared to girls but these are gorgeous! :)

  17. He looks fab! Love the matching with Daddy outfit. So cute!
    I also love finding a good bargain, cant go wrong with a £2 t shirt :)

  18. Adorable, the matching t-shirts are great

  19. With Prince George being born in 2013, I had to get my little girl one of the 'Born in 2013' tshirts too :)

  20. half pint is just about right...good one :)


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