Friday, 23 August 2013

Friday Fives: Favourite Things In Tyne's Nursery!

As we've recently moved house (take a look at our new place HERE), we have FINALLY been able to start work on Tyne's bedroom.
I know this is something that most people do when they are pregnant but at the time, we were living with my parents due to some ongoing medical issues I had - and so I missed out on being able to satisfy my nesting instinct.
Since we have moved, I have been SO excited to finally be able to get started on his room - even though he won't be going into it until he's at LEAST 6 months old (And I am personally doubting he'll be going then - I don't feel ready to let him move out of our room yet!) - I just really wanted to get it done!
I have had an image in my mind for months of what I wanted it to look like, and I am so pleased that its turning out exactly like I pictured it!
Jon painted the walls a lovely shade of baby blue, and hand painted some adorable clouds to give it a Sky feel - I am thrilled with how they turned out!

I've dotted a lot of bits and pieces around his room, and there are some great bits that I've held back on as I don't want to overpower the room - I still have my lovely giant wall decal to be put up and I still have his story corner to add in - but for now I wanted to keep it a simple babies room - I decided that there's plenty of time to add those things in when he's a little older and will want a bedroom thats more of a play area, but for now I just want to keep it a nice, simple, uncomplicated babies bedroom!
So without further ado, here are my Five Favourite Things in his bedroom!

1. Cloud Mobile

This gorgeous Cloud mobile from makes such a wonderful focal point in the bedroom and fits in so perfectly with the theme.
It is such a simple piece and yet so stunning - when I showed my friends around the house this weekend, the very first thing they commented on in Tyne's room was this!
It really does grab your eye as soon as you walk in but it doesn't overwhelm the room at all - it is such a beautiful addition to it.
The mobile is basically a large fluffy cloud with a smiling face, and three raindrops hanging from it - it is very easily hung up by the piece of ivory ribbon attached to it, making it so easy to adjust so that it hangs at exactly the height you want.
The beautiful Cloud Mobile is available for £30.00 from HERE - Loubilou sell a wide variety of stunning childrens items, you may recall that I reviewed them recently - to take a look at my review click here

2. Stunning Wooden Letters & Adorable Print!

The print you see under the letters in this picture is one of my all-time favourite quotes for a babies bedroom, I just think its perfect and the baby blue design compliments the colours in Tyne's nursery perfectly.

This particular print is priced at £20.00 and is available HERE - There are many more adorable prints featuring different quotes, including beautiful personalised options!, from the fabulous website

These beautiful wooden letters spelling out Tyne's name are one of my favourite of the gifts we've received for Tyne so far.

They are handcrafted, and painted in the perfect shade of baby blue to complement the walls - decorated with beautiful hearts, bows and diamante detailing - they really do make a stunning feature!
They were super easy to hang to,  as they come with handy sticky tabs on the back so you just peel them and press the letter to the wall - SO easy!!
Each letter costs just £3.50, which I think is such a bargain - this means Tyne's name is just £14! Amazing!!!!
The letters are also available in pink or a variety of other colours, and the lady who makes them is always happy to discuss any special requests
To take a look at the letters for yourself, go to Livabella Made With Love's Facebook page HERE - or why not support a working mum's business and like & share her page?!

3.Name Print

This beautiful framed print shows Tyne's name printed in the style of animals posing as the letters, how cute and quirky is that?!
I also love the addition of his full name and date of birth under neath, making it such a gorgeous keepsake which will be treasured for many years to come!
The gorgeous print is such high quality, and even came in the beautiful high quality frame!
Tiger Lily Prints sell a wide variety of items for childrens bedrooms, and these prints are available framed for £29.95 or unframed for £15.00 - to take a look for yourself just to go

4. Wardrobe

I absolutely LOVE Tyne's wardrobe as it just so different from any that I've seen before! The design is quirky and very boy-ish but still so cute and brings a lovely bit of fun to his bedroom!
I love the stripes and stars pattern, and its perfect as it just slots together and comes apart just as easily - making our move from Liverpool to Devon very easy as it was so simple to disassemble and pop back up again!
The wardrobe was a bargain as we bought the last one available on sale for £100 in the Liverpool Pram Shop.

5. Cuddly Toy Collection

What child's room would be complete without a cuddly toy collection?!
As a kid I always kept my cuddly toys on top of my wardrobe arranged in a nice little display, so it seemed natural to me to do the same with Tyne's cuddly toys!

He received lots of them as gifts when he was born and for Easter, and I had lots of fun arranging all of them for him!
Can the family & friends among you spot the ones you gave him?!

What's your favourite thing in your childrens bedroom? As always, I'd love to hear from you!
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