Sunday, 4 August 2013

Guest Post: Aren't I The Parent!?

Some days flitter by and I wonder, thinking back on the days events of mishaps, huffy strops, feet stamping and more. Who is the one running the helm? As it sure doesn't feel like me at the moment. 

Aren't I the parent? 

My 2 younger kids, aged 8 & 4yrs seem to have developed this "Parent syndrome" & think they're running the show, and in turn, telling me how things are. 

Look at those faces...butter wouldn't melt right? WRONG!

Things need to be put right. The natural and true commander of the helm {i.e, me!} needs to be re-established. 

However, not without a little fun first ;)

If my kids want to run the helm, then run the helm they shall! So I went on strike. I stopped doing the dishes, I no longer refilled the washing machine and refused to answer to their requests for drinks and food. 

They did look confused at first as I sat there on the sofa, partially ignoring them {like they do to us!} and played games on the iPad. I have to felt pretty cheeky {but fun}! Especially as the kids continued to look confused at what Mummy was, or wasn't doing. 

Then they finally asked...

Kids: "Mummy, when are you starting dinner?"

Me: "Who, me?"

The children both nodded.
Me: "But, I thought you guys ran the house now, seen as you keep telling ME what to do."
They looked at each-other.

Before they could speak I handed them a list of jobs that needed doing {as New Captains of the ship} and as Ellie read out the list I couldn't help but chuckle...

  • Fold and put away all of the laundry - Ellie: "ALL of it!!"
  • Finish the remaining dishes, dry & put them away - Jacob "But I can't reach the cupboards!"
  • Cook dinner - Both said to each other "But only grown-ups are allowed near the cooker"

They only got a third down the list before it was crumpled up and both came running over to me, each snuggling into a side. Mumbling into me how sorry they were and that it's been wrong of them to try to remove Mummy, from her "seat of power" in the home. They even promised to be extra especially good from now on! BONUS! I give that promise a day, at most! 

They are now calling me Captain Mummy {Hilarious! Their idea, not mine! Although I think it has a certain awesome ring to it} and they even made me a HAT!! 

This is a guest post written for Sparkles & Stretchmarks by the lovely Debs from - if you enjoyed this post, why not stop over and visit her blog?!

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