Sunday, 11 August 2013

Guest Post: The Royal Baby Buzz

The Royal Baby Low Down

We are down to the final few days before the Royal baby is due and the frenzy is at an ultimate high!

The paparazzi are stationed outside Queen Mary Hospital in London and we have read just about everything surrounding the birth from Kates birthing plan, to photo fits of what the baby will look like. We have seen it all!

Photo by Splash News © Splash

Here’s a re cap of the best bits before we welcome the newest Royal to the family.

Royal Baby Names

According to the William and Kate are likely to name the baby after an ancestor and keep a family name.

Top Five Boys’ Names
1. John
2. Thomas
3. William
4. Henry (tied)
4. Robert (tied)
Top Five Girls’ Names
1. Elizabeth
2. Mary
3. Sarah
4. Jane
5. Ann

Royal Baby gifts Galore

If you want a piece of Royal baby buzz for your little prince of princess there are plenty are plenty out there. Hello magazine have gifted the Royal couple with a huge Hello teddy bear, HRH embossed ugg boots and designer baby luggage, whilst others have opted for slightly more traditional gifts. have designed a Windsor Collection Royal baby bath, styled with Victorian features of a roll top bath, with gold ball and claw feet.

The Kate Effect
It is not only the Royal baby we are all fascinated with, Kate herself has become a national icon from her beauty picks to her style. It has to be said her beautifully blow-dried tresses and feminine yet conservative fashion choices have us all in awe. The publics’ interest in the Duchess has even gained its own trend ‘the Kate effect’, which signifies what is to come for the Royal new born. 
                                                                                                                                                                                                Photo by Splash News © Splash

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