Sunday, 18 August 2013

Time For A Lift?!*

With so many women feeling the pressure to look ever younger among todays society, there has long been a gap in the market for a beauty treatment which gives all the results of a face lift without the trauma and possible side effects of an invasive surgical procedure.
I know myself that I would personally not consider cosmetic surgery - largely because I am quite a whimp and the idea of surgery itself freaks me out, but also because it seems a little silly to put yourself under the knife for purely cosmetic reasons when there is always a risk involved - of course if something is severely impacting upon a person's self esteem or causing other problems, then its understandable and everybody is entitled to make their own decisions where surgery is concerned.
But for me - the choice would always be to go for non-invasive treatments. There are quite a lot of these around now, but one I have recently heard of is CACI - which is described quite simply as a non-invasive face lift.
So what is involved?
CACI (Computer Aided Collagen Induction) is an intensive treatment involving tiny electric probes which emit pulses to the facial muscles with the purpose of encouraging toning and tissue repair.
 The probes are placed by therapists at various points around the face to tackle problem areas and enhance the skins ability to neutralize bacteria and protect itself from daily damage.
Initial results are said to include brighter skin which appears to be more toned and less dehydrated, thanks in part to a gel treatment used alongside the impulses.
Long term effects include the healing of acne scares and helping with uneven skin tones, as well as reducing the visibility of wrinkles, reducing sagging areas around the eyes and jowels and general toning of the skin.
CACI can be performed on the cheeks, jaw line, chin and around the eyes and is just as popular among male clients as it is among women.
Treatment prices vary, but for example at Shumaila's Hair & Beauty in Essex treatments cost between £10 - £45 with offers and discounts available.
With celebrity fans including Carole McGiffin and Barbara Windsor, it looks like CACI is going to be all the rage with women and men like for the foreseeable future!

Would you consider this treatment yourself? Have you ever had a surgical or non surgical cosmetic procedure? As always, I'd love to hear from you!
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