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32 Things About Me For My 32nd Birthday.....

Today is my 32nd Birthday.'s pretty scary when I say it "out loud" like that! When I was little, 32 sounded so old - I imagined that I'd feel very grown up by the time I was 32 and I'd have my whole life mapped out.
Surprisingly, 32 feels no different to me than 18.
I don't feel that I've changed much in my mind at all - I feel very much like the same person, still waiting for the sudden Grown-Up Hayley to appear and take over! But so far it hasn't happened.
Sometimes I feel like a teenager playing house....It doesn't feel real that I am actually 32 years old, a mother, a partner.....
Does anybody else ever feel this way?!
I used to worry a lot about getting older, but I don't anymore...I think the old cliché saying is really are as young as you feel. And I still feel 18, so I'm younger than all of you.....*blows raspberries and runs away*
32 Quirky Facts About Me
1. I was born in the same hospital as John Lennon - Oxford Street Maternity Hospital in Liverpool
2. I grew up in a very quiet little country village, which is rather snooty and the exact opposite of what most people imagine when you tell them you're from Liverpool....
3. Liverpool is my favourite place in the world, and always will be - and it makes me really really angry when people slag it off, particularly when they've never even been there or have merely passed through it. I hate stereotyping.
4. I used to do TV extra work and got to film episodes of Two Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Crisps, Hollyoaks and Coronation Street.
5. I qualified in childcare & education, and have worked as a Nanny and Nursery nurse a lot in the past.
6. My other jobs have included: Waitress, barmaid, babysitter, telephone psychic, sex line operator (briefly.....very briefly!), dish washer in a nursing home, cleaner at a private hospital, telesales operator, avon rep, checkout girl at Somerfield, Assistant manager in a card shop, Shop assistant at Primark, and call centre supervisor for New Look.
7. I also run my own business doing childrens birthday parties - I provide all the party food, run the disco, do games and give out prizes and party bags, and set the theme such as Princess party, Pirate Party - I also dress up as Peppa Pig!
8. My music taste varies greatly - I love Britney Spears, cheesy 90s boybands like a1 and Take That and I adore Kylie Minogue. I also love Kate Bush and Tori Amos, Disturbed and Placebo, Fiona Apple...the list goes on. I have a real soft spot for cheesy 80s music too....especially anything Stock, Aitken and Waterman!
9. Oh I should also admit that I have an unhealthy obsession with Barry Manilow....seriously, love him.
10. I love cruising, and - although I have flown in the past to the USA, Venezuela, Amsterdam and Spain - I have decided not to put myself through it again as I am terrified of it, and would much rather cruise everywhere in the future!
11. I am obsessed with making lists - I even make lists to organise my lists. It's the Virgo in me....
12. I read tarot cards, practice pendulum dowsing and like drawing up numerology readings
13. But I don't believe in horoscopes at all.
14. I have been to see psychics 5 or 6 times, and have always had very accurate readings.
15. I'm a film geek, and whenever I watch a new movie I always have to look it up on IMDB afterwards to read through the trivia and goofs!
16. I LOVE True Movies and whenever Jon is at work, I watch one of the many I've recorded from the True Movies channel....the cheesier and more tragic, the better!
17. I also have a weird obsession with murder - I love reading books and watching documentaries about famous murder cases, but I always get a bit upset and spooked afterwards - yet I can't stop myself!
18. I used to have prison penpals in the USA who I wrote to regularly, who were on death row. I stopped once Tyne was born and we moved, but I did enjoy it at the time.
19. I cannot leave the house without make up on. I would feel like everybody was staring at me and would probably have a panic attack! I haven't left the house without make up on since I was 14.
20. I have my own car, but I can't drive yet - I keep meaning to take my test and never getting around to it.
21. I cry whenever I hear kids sing.
22. I lived in the same house until I was 25. Since then I have moved 6 times in 7 years.
23. I don't like very many animals. People seem to confuse this with wishing harm to them - I don't. I just don't like very many of them. I do love horses and monkeys.
24. I used to go showjumping when I was younger, and would LOVE to learn to ride again but I'm scared that I'll be told I'm too fat - one of the many reasons I'm trying to lose weight.
25. I can't sing but I LOVE doing it anyway.
26. I worry all the time. Constantly. About everything.
27. I believe in fairies and angels. I don't care if that's childish.
28. Part of me still gets excited every Christmas eve just incase they're all wrong about Santa....coz I swear I saw a sleigh once!!!!
29. I'm 5'9 tall.
30. I LOVE the smell of bleach and petrol
31. I have OCD and I have a little ritual that I HAVE to do every single night before I go to sleep - its very weird and involves taking a specific number of sips from my drink....I have no idea where it came from, I just know if I don't do it bad things will happen! ( hahaha....cuckoo!!!!)
32. I'm very accident prone. I love cooking but I never manage to cook anything without scalding or cutting myself. I have set more toasters on fire than I care to remember. And I am known for always falling over.
My Hopes For My 32nd Year
Birthdays always make me think about the next year has in store for me.....
When I had my 30th, I would never have imagined that I'd be spending my 31st birthday pregnant!
I'm looking forward to my first birthday as a Mummy, and am generally just looking forward to seeing Tyne grow day by day over the next year.....On my 33rd Birthday, Tyne will be 1 and a half. I am so excited to see what his personality is like - I'm sure he'll be a cheeky chappy!!!
I would like to be more settled career wise with more of a sense of what I want to do long term, I'd like to have got the nerve up to submit some of my writing for publication, and I'd like to either be pregnant or in the process of trying to be!'s to being 32! Cheers Everybody!

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  1. Aww this is a great post. I'm 32 next as well. Eeek. I also love lists!

  2. Happy birthday lovely! I'm a terrible cook hehe x

    Liza | Glambeautys

  3. I loved reading this! Happy Birthday!! I've got 2 years on you but I feel 84 most days! HAHA!

  4. Happy Birthday. :D
    Hope you're having a great day.

    Ooh and we were born in the same Hospital. :D

    Juyey xx

  5. Happy Birthday Hayley! Have a lovely day!

  6. Happy birthday!!!! I hope you had a lovely day!

  7. Happy Birthday!!! I'm 33 and I know what you mean I feel no different now then when I did when I was 18! Hope you've had a fab day x

  8. This is possibly my favourite post I've read so far. I love these facts about you! Especially the array of jobs you've had (sex line?!) and the deathb row pen pals- I'd love to read some of the letters you received!happpy birthday! Xx

  9. Love this post! I also have a weird obsession with murder lol I'm fascinated by serial killers, god knows why. I'd love to hear more about the letters to the death row prisoners! Happy Birthday!! xxxx

    Handbags To Change Bags - Mummy & Lifestyle Blog

  10. happy birthday! hope you had a lovely day!
    loved reading your 32 facts, you are a lady of many talents!!

  11. Ah Hayley you have such an awesome life! So many interesting facts! I would love to know how you got into writing to death row inmates?! Also HOLLYOAKS!!! OMGOSH! I love Hollyoaks!! And sex line job.. I need to know more hahahaha!!!
    Hope you had a fantastic birthday!! xxxx

  12. I'm with Alex! I would love to know how you got into writing to death row inmates too. I bet it was really interesting but I can totally understand why you don't do it now you have Tyne :)

    Children singing make me cry too. Actually, most things make me cry haha.

    Lou xxx

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  13. wow- you make my life look boring! lol Penpals on death row- how on earth did you get into that? lovely post :)

  14. Loved reading the facts... but how on earth did you get pen pals on death row?! lol... I also don't like many animals, wouldn't do them any harm. Would happily have a giraffe in the back garden though.

  15. Haha I'd love to do childrens parties and dress up as Peppa Pig! Lol!


  16. Great post, happy belated birthday!

  17. Number 30 I can partly identify with - love petrol smell but not so sure about bleach! Many happy returns!

  18. Happy birthday! I had no idea you are 32 I would have said mid 20's! x

  19. great post, hope u had a great birthday x

  20. I've got the same birthday this year! And I hate to tell you but it's your 33rd year, not your 32nd ;)

  21. Age is just a number, we are who we are - no matter what age - its our personality that defines us. Hope you had a fab Birthday.

  22. This is fab! Makes me want to try one about me, but not sure I'd manage one all 34 of my years. Will let you know if I give it a go! Lol

  23. It will be great to look back on this when you're older!

  24. aww what a fab idea! might do this for my next birthday! happy belated birthday x

  25. wow can't believe you wrote to death row inmates!! Crazy!! xx

  26. I will forever be looking for you on Two Pint reruns now.

  27. Fab list :) I am 33 soon to be 34 (in December). I've always felt young for my age (in a good way) but since turning 33 I've definitely started to feel old lol xx Happy belated birthday and make the most of this year haha xx

  28. I am 36 and wonder when I will feel like a grown up! Quite scary really.

  29. Fab post! Such a great idea! I might have to do one of these every year for my children!

  30. I read the Tarot too. Not very well I might add, but I do find it fascinating.


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