Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Baby Watch: 6 Months Old!!!

Dear Tyne,

Oh my goodness.
I cannot believe the 6 month mark is here already.
You are officially half a year old today.
In only 6 more months, we will be celebrating your first birthday - yet it seems like only 5 minutes ago I was laying down on that operating table panicking about what was about to happen!!
Before you arrived, your Daddy had suggested that you were so special that you deserved to have two special days every year - he said that if the Queen got two birthdays, why shouldn't you?!
He suggested that on your half birthday, we should have "King Day" - where you get to choose everything we do all day long and basically get to rule the roost!
Of course, at the moment you are pretty much doing that every day anyway - but nonetheless I'm sure "King Day" will be celebrated today in some manner!!!
Eating & Sleeping

Well since our last update, you have started to become ever so fussy with your bottles.
You really don't seem to be very interested in them at all anymore - you look like you're excited to see them, but then you just play around with the teat and blow big milky raspberries the entire time - we're lucky if you take a couple of ounces at each feed.
I think this means you're more concerned with your proper food now, and so I'm planning on monitoring closely how much formula you're taking over the next few days and will possibly think about dropping a bottle or lowering the amount we make up during the days and just concentrating on your solids, and on making sure you're taking milk at night time.
I'm planning on introducing more lumps into your food from this week onwards, you are still really enjoying your food and I think its time you were allowed to try more things and explore foods and textures a bit more. Only a bit though, because I'm a big wuss and I'm terrified of you choking!
As for sleeping, you are very hit and miss at the moment.
For a few nights you slept right through from 10 pm until 8.30 am without waking once.
But other nights this week you have woken at 3 am, and again at 5 am and then refused to go back to sleep unless we let you lay on our bed with us.
Last night was a particularly bad one - you refused to sleep at all, we kept putting you down and you kept crying until we got you back up. You were still playing on your gym at gone 2 am!! You eventually fell asleep at 3.30 am!!!! Daddy & I were V-E-R-Y tired.
Your Life At 6 Months

You are still full of fun and always smiling. No change there!
It is very rare that you have a meltdown, but when you do you REALLY go hell for leather and there is just no consoling you!! Luckily it only happens once a day if that, and only when you are super tired.
You still love to be in your jumperoo, and you LOVE sitting on our knees and bouncing while we sing to you.
You also love it when Mummy sings and makes you do dance routines - our favourite is the little routine we choreographed to Girls Aloud "Something Kinda Ooh"....you love to entertain everybody with that and laugh your head off and recognise it every time we start!
Speaking of dancing, if I ask you "Shall we dance?" whilst I'm standing up holding you and hold my palm up flat - you now place your hand on mine and laugh your head off as I waltz us around the room! Its one of your favourite games at the moment!
Recently you have also learned how to shake your head "no" and you do it a LOT! Your timing is genius, you seem to be cheekily telling me "no" whenever I ask you things like "Are you going to bed now?" or "Shall we get you changed?"
I swear you know what you're saying!!!

You have also developed a real love of blowing raspberries. But not just any raspberries - EXTREME raspberries.
You go purple and stick your tongue right out, and blow with all your might! You spray everywhere!!!! It gets VERY messy!!! And oh my word - it is SO loud!
One night this week you laid in your cot and happily blew extra loud raspberries for about four hours while Daddy & I slowly lost the will as we tried desperately to sleep.......
You are also rolling over ALL the time and we can no longer turn our backs on you for a second.
You roll onto your front and try very hard to push yourself up onto your knees - you're not there yet but I am rather worried that it won't be long until you're crawling. Eeeek! I'm not ready!!!!!
Days Out & Socialising

Our weeks have been a bit more structured lately, and one thing we now do every week is go to Mummys Slimming World class.
I thought you'd find it very dull but you love the attention from all the older ladies there, and it's also your regular date with your little girlfriend Amelia! Mummy's friends little girl who is also at the class every week.
The two of you are very sweet and you sit watching each other, cooing at each other and usually fall asleep at the same time whilst Amelia's Mummy and I have a chat and listen to the class leader telling us how to lose those pregnancy pounds!!!
You had a new experience a few weeks ago when you came with me to the hair salon whilst I had my highlights done and my hair cut.
I was worried about taking you as I didn't think you'd appreciate the long process with nothing much for you to do, but you loved it!!
You were so content looking at the purple lights, watching the ladies walking around and when Mummy had tin foil in her hair you cracked up laughing as though it was the most hilarious thing you had ever seen! (Which I suppose it was!)
And finally - there has recently been a very exciting bit of change in our lives since our last update.
You are no longer the baby of the family...today your brand new baby cousin Kier was born!
I think you're going to enjoy having a little cousin to boss around, and now you're not the only boy anymore!
I'm sure you and Kier will grow up to be the best of friends!
Well that's all of our news for now.
Lots of Love,
Mummy xoxo
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