Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Baby Watch: Week 23

Dear Tyne,
Today you are 23 weeks old.
5 months and 5 days old according to an online age calculator I've just checked!
Its been 161 days since you joined us in the world.
161 days doesn't sound like a very long time, but it's funny because I can't remember much about what my days were like before you were born. It feels like you've always been here!
You've changed such a lot over the past 5 months...its hard to recognise you as the same baby!

Eating & Sleeping
Your eating routine is the same as it was 2 weeks ago - you have a breakfast, a snack around lunchtime and a dinner and dessert at tea time.
But what has changed is that you are becoming MUCH more inquisitive with food. You have always watched us eat but now you seem to get very jealous when you see us with grown up food - you stare intently at us while we eat and shout as if to say "Where's Mine?!"
You have started trying to get food out of my hands too - last week you were sitting on my knee and I was eating a piece of toast, and you actually reached right up and grabbed it off me and tried to shove it in your mouth! I had to take it off you because it had strawberry jam and butter on, and was a seeded bread so I didn't want you choking - but you were very upset with me!
A couple of times I have let try more solid foods - a few days ago I let you have a little suck on a piece of garlic bread and WOW you loved it!!! I only let you have it for a few seconds as I didn't want any to break off in your mouth, but again you were very upset when I took it away!
Last weekend at a birthday party you helped yourself to a carrot stick from the table, and loved sucking away on it! I let you have that for a while as it was hard enough that none could break off in your mouth - you really enjoyed chomping on it!
I have been giving you Melon pieces in your Munchkin food bag a lot more recently - it gives you the freedom to chomp away on solid food without me having to worry about you choking on chunks!!
As for sleeping, you have been going down for the night around 10 pm most evenings and you sleep until about 3 am - we give you a bottle while you're half asleep and then you settle back down until around 8ish.
During the daytime you've been sleeping a lot less - you tend to have a long nap mid morning for a couple of hours, but for the rest of the day its just quick 20 minute catnaps here and there.
Your Life At 23 Weeks

There has been a major milestone achieved since our last Baby Watch update....
Tyne is now sitting up all by himself!!!!
He first did this two days after my last Baby Watch update at 21 weeks, so he was under 5 months old! I didn't expect him to do it so soon.
He's not perfectly steady yet, we have to make sure we sit behind him to catch him if he topples but he is doing really well!! He looks too small to be sitting up unaided though - it looks quite bizzare lol.
You are getting more and more playful everyday, and you just love playing with your toys and munching away on anything you can get your hands on!
You've found your feet lately and love to chomp on your toes whenever you have the chance!

Days Out & Socialising
It's been quite a busy couple of weeks really....
Last week you met Aunty Amy, one of Mummys closest friends, for the first time - she loved you and you seemed to really like her!
You can sometimes be a bit unsure of new faces but you were cooing away at Amy, giving her kisses and you even let her feed you!
A couple of weekends ago we also went on our first family trip away, to a holiday park in Cornwall which you can read about HERE - you really seemed to enjoy it and were very well behaved!
We loved exploring Cornwall so we decided to go back for a little mini-break - we've booked a 4 day break in Newquay for me, you and Daddy at the end of September! How exciting! :)

Last week you also experienced your very first birthday party!
Your cousin Amelie had her birthday party in a local adventure play centre and had a bear making session - you had a lot of fun!

You made your own Sweep teddy....

You sat at the party table with the other children...

And you played in the ball pond...

We also had a nice day out with Daddy to Dawlish this week when it was nice and sunny, we had a walk around, looked at the black swans, went in the arcades and you went on your very first ride!
Thomas The Tank Engine!

Well that's all of our news for this time,
Lots Of Love,
Mummy xoxo
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