Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Beauty Wednesdays: St Grape 1 Month Silk Skin Set

You may recall that last week I reviewed the gorgeous St Grape range, and mentioned the 1 month Silk Skin Spa Kit which looked beautiful in its amazing packaging but that I hadn't had the opportunity to try yet.
Well I'm pleased to report that this weekend I finally had ten minutes to myself and so was able to try it at last!

The 1-Month Precious Silk Skin Spa Package contains everything you need for a relaxing and pampering at home facial - including:
     Precious Silk Skin Clay  (60ml)
     Lotus Rose Essential Toner  (120ml)

    Anti-Wrinkle Essential Serum (30ml)

    Cotton Headband - for tidy hair during mask

     Measurer Cup 
    Scooper - for mixing clay & toner
The Silk Skin Clay has been  formulated using  natural ingredients to cleanse and nourish the skin while the Lotus-Rose Essential Toner is designed to soothe irritation, leaving skin refreshed and revived.
I found the clay very easy to apply, and as so much thought has gone into what is contained in the kit it really does take all the potential stress out of the experience - no running around looking for something to mix it with, no trying to find a hairband - its all right there in the pack.
I found the clay to feel instantly soothing on the skin, and once it was applied I laid back with cucumber slices on my eyes and just let myself drift while it took effect.
Apologies for the flash! The mask isn't green, this pic came out bizzare!
I'm always a little apprehensive when I use a mask as I'm never sure what to expect once I remove it and there's always that niggling fear of a bad reaction! But I needn't have worried as my skin felt so soft and thoroughly, deeply cleansed afterwards.
After using the mask
The toner is just gorgeous, and the anti-wrinkle serum glides on like a dream and really does finish off the experience nicely.
I have been using the serum separately from the mask as a night time treatment, and do feel that its made a positive impact on some of my laughter lines so far so I will certainly continue to use it!
Overall, I loved this product and I cannot express enough what a perfect gift I think it would make!
With Christmas around the corner, I will definitely be putting these into a few peoples stockings and I'll be putting another one on my own wishlist!!!
To take a look at the St Grape 1 Month Silk Skin Set yourself click HERE
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