Sunday, 29 September 2013

Blog Organisation: My Tips & Tricks!!!

With a 6 month old baby and two self-run businesses to manage, life can sometimes be a bit chaotic for me!

As a Virgo, organisation is a big part of my life and I love nothing more than a nice LIST!!!

My sister is always taking the mickey out of my love of list making, but I just can't help it - I have always been the same way.

As a child I made lists to organise my Barbie dolls (incase I forgot their names, and which dress belonged to which doll...).

As a teenager, I made lists showing which members of Take That I would marry in which know, just incase the choice of all 5 ever came up....always better to be prepared!

And now as a blogger, with constant ideas for posts cropping up in my manic mind 20 times a day and the need to remember which items I need to review and by which date, what post needs to be emailed to which PR rep etc - my need for organisation is ever-increasing.

I'm sure this is the case for every other blogger out there, and so I thought I'd share my little tips for keeping myself organised....

1. Invest In A Weekly Planner

I was very kindly sent this amazing weekly planner from xxx and it has proven so very handy! 
I use it to schedule my blog for the month ahead, so that I know which posts need to be written and can cross them off as and when they're completed.

The boxes are a handy size giving me ample room to squeeze plenty of detail in if need be, and just having it right there next to me so I can see my schedule at a glance is a real life saver!

2. Use an organiser!

An organiser is an ideal tool for a blogger, particularly one with lots of different sections so that you can keep all the information you need at your fingertips and know that everything is nicely organised in its own little section....

For example, I use this beautiful Gorjuss organiser from Internet Gift Store which is ideal as it has loads of separated sections - I use one to keep lists of products I receive to review so that I can cross them off when the review is completed, I use another section to keep lists of any payments due, and I use another section to jot ideas for posts.

3. Have a Word document set up

I keep a Word document open on my computer with all of the things I need to access on a daily basis stored onto it - such as the HTML code I use for commenting on other blogs, the HTML code for the signature I use at the end of posts, and other key bits that I may need to cut and paste regularly.

4. Have a folder for Blog Photos

I keep my blog photos in a separate dedicated folder on my computer, and a dedicated folder on my iphone so that I know exactly where they are when I need to access them and I don't have to waste precious minutes searching for them!

Do you have any top tips for blog organising? As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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