Saturday, 28 September 2013

Dressing The Baby: September Edition!

Can you believe it's the end of September already?!
It really does feel as though this year has absolutely flown past!
The end of the month of course means its time for my monthly Dressing The Baby post, focusing on my favourite things that Tyne has been wearing this month!
Lately I have been dressing Tyne in lots of jeans and shirts, and as much as I love this look on him I feel like it makes him look like a real little boy - and as cute as that is, I have years for that and I want to make the most of him being my little baby boy for as long as possible - so I have been making more of an effort to dress him in baby-ish clothes again this month!
I absolutely love him in this cream set from Mamas & Papas - I have had it since it before he was born, I bought in last years sale reduced to just £7 for the romper suit and hat.
I hadn't put it on him until this month because it just didn't stand out to me in his wardrobe, I'm not usually a fan of neutral colours - but once I finally put him it I adored it! I think the colours really suit him and he looks like a little tiny baby again! Awww!
I also dressed him in this very old-fashioned looking romper suit for the first time too....

This was a gift from my Mum and was another thing that was purchased long before Tyne was born. She bought it from TK Maxx for around £7.99 and she loved it because it was so old fashioned and unusual.
I have to agree I've never seen anything else like it, and have never seen other babies in anything similar - I wish he had more wear out of it and that Id put him in it sooner as it really suited him!

Of course, I haven't stuck exclusively to new-baby style clothes this month as Tyne has lots of older-looking outfits to get wear out of too.
He has finally grown into the adorable Baby Baker outfit that my sister bought for him when he was born!

The outfit consists of gorgeous Baby Baker jeans which are grey and have a slight checked design to them....

And the top is white with a ribbed effect, multi coloured bright stripes around the sleeves and collar, and the buttons all feature the "Baby Baker" logo...(Excuse Tyne's dazed expression, neither one of us was expecting the flash to come on!!)

I also teamed Tyne's Baby Baker jeans with one of my favourites from his checked shirt collection....this shirt was another that was bought before he arrived, I saw it in Next last year for £9.00  and fell in love with it! And now that its getting colder the long sleeves are finally wearable!

I think it suits him so much, and I love it teamed with his "My Angel" dribble bib from Funky Giraffe - which features the Angel Of North, very apt considering where his parents come from!

In the next week or so I'll be showing you the new things I've bought for Tyne to get him through the Autumn/Winter season.
I'm loving the trends of autumnal colours and stars/stripes patterns in baby clothes lately, and have been becoming slightly addicted to buying shoes!
I've discovered some gorgeous new brands lately such a Bobux and Jelly Egg - both of whom stock lovely ranges of baby shoes, and even stock some lovely adult shoes too, particularly some lovely winter boots! 
Which of Tyne's outfits from September do you like best?! As always, I'd love to hear from you!

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